What Elaine from Seinfeld and a Drunk Pole Dancing Gone Wrong Have to Say for the Democratic-Socialist Agenda

by the Left Coast Rebel

First off – this is good blogging.

Here’s the picture, here’s the scene. Let’s just close our eyes and think back to that party that you attended in your neighborhood, maybe a friend’s house, (or wedding reception). This week, this month, last year, it matters not the time.

You’ve had a little too much of the ‘bubbly‘ shall we say. You were having a great time – livin it up as they say. Life is like that, life is good, right? The night goes on into the morning, it all becomes a blur. Not a worry in your mind……

Slow down hotrod. Not until the hemorrhage-headache recedes and 2-3 days later do the stories/details come trickling in….. friends describe your eagerness at the party-past to laugh at jokes that weren’t, your rosy cheeks, your demeanour. You overdid it. The term jackass comes to mind. You were and idiot and you know it. And unbeknownst to you at the time, no one else at the shin-dig really did the same. You feel like a moron. You fear expulsion of your inner circle. Show of hands here for anyone that has been in this predicament…..

It could be worse, what do you think This woman thinks of herself; her friends of her

Full Disclosure, the above video is actually from Heineken’s Know the Signs campaign. Go here for more information and other funny videos!

Wow. I have a thought here. This weddingparty-dance-tent-calamity is the Democrat-Socialist Agenda. The American people are the reception-onlookers fleeing the collapsing tent. The bride with the bloody nose is the Lady Liberty. The drunk dancer chick that thinks she is as graceful as a swan, is a spawn.

— Of Pelosi/Obama/Reid.

And trust me, even though she was hot and could party better than the rest, it matters not.

And just like the Greek pole-dancer, our drunk-girl politicians are fighting to take down the Tent-America and will be seen for just just that. Power-intoxicated, Fiscal-house(tent) collapsing, revolutionaries drastically in divergence with classic American notions.

Nancy Pelosi appearing on Seinfeld, the same theme:

JerryI never knew what to say about it, it’s one of those problems I hoped would just go away.
GeorgeWell sometimes you can’t help these people until they have hit rock bottom.

And today is rock bottom.

But fast-forward to 2010. We find the miscreants leading/betraying us curled up in fetal position, bloodied noses, banished into obscurity…….

For today, get to work!

And for those interested, the ‘nude’ in the title was just to get attention, per Rule 5, ;0


Hack said…

Good analogy Rebel! You could even throw some PCP into that mix!

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Hack – LOL, we need some humor here, I'm gearing up for some bad news re: Obamacare.

Opus #6 said…

Ooo, hearty belly laughs! This is indeed an EPIC blog post! 😀

The Malcontent said…

"we need some humor here"

I live for that!

Social said…

This video is actually a Heineken Know The Signs video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIENUUaWBAA.
The campaign is about acting responsibly when drinking. See more videos here – http://www.youtube.com/knowthesigns2


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