Doug Hoffman NY-23 Developments: Robert Stacy McCain’s Road-Habits

by the Left Coast Rebel
Stacy McCain has been slam-dunkin‘ this story, I figured tonight I might catch up a little, scurrying on all fours to the ‘man cave’ where bloggin‘ be done – I saw this news and headed to Politico re: Doug Hoffman, the Little Engine That Will…..

The House Republican leadership is prepared to welcome Doug Hoffman into its ranks, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) said Thursday, a sign that the GOP establishment is recalibrating its approach toward the contentious New York special election and the Conservative Party nominee whose candidacy has divided the party.

“He would be very welcome, with open arms,” Sessions told POLITICO in an interview off the House floor.

Sessions’s comments came as polls showed Hoffman surging in the Nov. 3 special election against Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava, a
moderate who supports abortion rights and gay marriage, and Democratic attorney
Bill Owens. Nearly a dozen rank-and-file Republican members announced their endorsements of Hoffman

Welcomed with opened-arms now that he is the popular girl at prom? A good development nonetheless. It’s interesting, this evening at a shuttle picked me up to retrieve the Jetta-Lemon, the fella that was driving had Hugh Hewitt on the radio-dial. I struck up a little conversation with him, mentioned my blog and mentioned Doug Hoffman in particular. He knew all about him. He had donated a bit. He was excited. He figured that a Hoffman-victory was a home-run for conservatism and a back-to-the-roots in the GOP. Interesting to hear such from an unsolicited source. And in San Diego, California – no less. What does that tell you for Hoffman in particular and the conservative resurgence generally?

Now back to The Other McCain. Stacy as you know has been trekin‘ across the plain in search of all that is Hoffman. His chronologues show his endeavours repeatedly; daily. His reportage is the best that I have seen on the net, this from yesterday:

My first stop will be WSYR-TV in Syracuse, where Doug Hoffman will be recording a debate with Democrat Bill Owens and RINO Dede Scozzafava. That’s 341 miles. Figure 20 cents a mile = $68.20. Google Maps estimates the drive time at 5 hours, 20 minutes, but I’ll be driving a rental car, so if I leave about 8 a.m… . well, I plan to be there before 1:20 p.m., even stopping for gas and a $2 coffee.

While in Syracuse, I’ll probably grab a cheeseburger meal deal (
$5) before taking off for Lake Placid (to meet up with the 73wire campaign bloggers). Estimated drive time is 4 hours, 25 minutes, but if I leave Syracuse by 4 p.m., I’m betting I get there long before 8:30, even stopping for another cheeseburger ($5) on the way. It’s 196 miles x .20/mile = $39.20.

73wire campaign bloggers are said to be a hard-partying crew, so I’ll probably have to buy them a beer ($5) or two ($10) and then pay for a cab ($15) to take them back to the place where they’re crashing in Lake Placid. The cool part? They’ve offered to let me crash free at their place through Saturday. So once I get to Lake Placid, my only real expenses for a few days will be local travel, my usual daily two packs of smokes (2 x $5 = $10) and six cups of coffee (6 x $2 = $12).

Now this is incredible blog-report stuff, right? The only thing that I am worried about though; correct me if I am wrong – Fast food, nicotine, caffeine,boozine, bovine, any other ‘ines….should we worry about this brave soul’s health?

Is bovine an ‘ine‘?

Disclaimer: the Left Coast Rebel partakes in nightly samples of Barley-Pop. LCR, however also runs several miles every other day and eats lots of fruits and veggis. Just like Mom told me too. Should we be worried about RSM though?

Read his inspiring-report here.


Via Memeorandum

Also read Gathering of Eagles for 3-way debate held tonight.


  1. Stacy will probably bury us all…

  2. [should we worry about this brave soul's health?]

    Stacy? LOL, apparently not… seems to be one of those invincible dudes that will still be around after nuclear war, like Kieth Richards-

    I think the key is you have to (1) come from hearty stock, and (2) NEVER let-up… pedal to the metal all the way!

    Sounds like him…

  3. I live in Wisconsin. I sent Mr. Hoffman $150.00 over two weeks ago and would have sent more if I could. This is the right man at the right time. Two days later the RNC called asking for money for congressional elections next year. I told the called not to bother me until the party started supporting candidates who were conservative. The woman said they do. I asked if they were sending money to Mr. Hoffman. She said she was not sure. I said I was sure they were not and I would be donating my money to individual campaigns until Mr. Steel and the rest of the RNC realize what we the people want. I feel strongly this money was not sent in vane.

  4. @ Adriene – Indeed, LOL.

    @ RRR – Kinda like my great Aunt. She lived to be 95 and ate McDonald's every single day….

    @ Eman – Thank you for doing that, you are so right, he is the right man at the right time! Godspeed for him on Tues.


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