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Trump Lives in a World Where Socialism Doesn’t Work

Ana Navarro Finds Out the Internet is Forever

In light of the latest liberal tempest in a tea pot over Donald Trump’s characterization of MS-13 members…

Trump Seen Riding Flying Unicorn over White House…

…Headline: Trump seen fleeing possible Grand Jury indictment!!

Emit Magazine – Trump/Russian Derangement Edition

Let's recap:

*The last administration sold massive amounts of US uranium to Russia

*Wanted to be BFF with Putin via a cheesy "reset" button

*Rolled over and played dead when Russia invaded Crimea, despite a signed agreement for the US to defend Ukraine against invasion

*Refused to sell defensive arms to the Ukraine which would be used against Russian invaders

*Promised to be more "flexible" in our dealings with Russia after the 2012 elections, and

*When faced with "war crimes" in Syria, ceded control of the situation and allowed Russia greater influence in Syria and the Middle East

And yet, on the basis of a few unsubstantiated media stories, Trump is the one turning the White House into the Kremlin!

Update: Apparently, this idiocy was not even an original idea with Emit, but ripped off Mad Magazine (which has much more credibility!)

DNC Pictures Proudly Presents…

…coming soon to a conspiracy theory near you!

Ten Whole Days!!

Attention whore and former president Barack Obama lasted ten whole days before being compelled to insert himself into partisan politics, into the argument about Trump’s immigration EO. And, true to form, Barry got it wrong! Instead of a ban on religion, Trump used Barry’s own list of proscribed countries. Religion was not mentioned. Was Obama wrong then? Or now? (Or both?) I’d like to dedicate this song to Lonesome Barry:

A Pre-Inaugural Invocation

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Eight years ago, almost to the day, I called upon people in America to pray for the President-Elect, Barack Obama.

I invited Christians throughout the world to pray this with me, asking God to grant to Obama the very same things that we wanted for President Bush, or any US President. The exact same prayer holds true for Donald Trump, whether or not his politics agree with yours. Proverbs 21:1 tells us:
The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

Almighty God, We ask your blessing upon the next President of the United States.
Give him wisdom beyond his years.
Give him the courage to do what is right and not merely that which is expedient.
Grant that he might always speak the truth without guile.
Give him strength, as the leader of the leading democracy on this world, to stand firm against tyranny and oppression.
Grant him humility that he might see that everything he has is a gift from you.
Grant that he might be a champion for justice and righteousness.
Open his eyes to truth and his heart to understanding.
Watch over him and keep him and his family safe from harm.
Back in 2008, I added “And in the fullness of time, grant that his two daughters might come to love and marry upstanding, conservative Republican men*.”

*That part was optional, but we did say we wanted the same for Obama as we did for Bush, regardless of skin color!

Some might say that the prayer wasn’t very effective, given the results of the last eight years. To that, I give you Obama’s stock answer as to why the economy or job growth or healthcare, or unemployment didn’t respond well to his programs:
“Think how much worse it would have been without it!”
In 2008, I also appended the invocation with a comprehensive list of BDS sufferers who had called for George W. Bush to be blessed of God during his presidency:

Donald Trump and the Really Terrible, Horrible Horribly Bad Word

Before we delve into the politics of Trump’s potty mouth, a kind word about Bill Clinton. I say kind, because I want to reassure you that this is not the typical attempt at equivalence between Donald and Bill. Bill is not the candidate. Hillary is.

Bill Clinton is the Democrats’ favorite president. You might get a “ho-hum” about Jimmy Carter. Barack Obama can fill a room, but no one excites the hearts and minds of Democrats like Bill Clinton, even if most of what they remember of his presidency is obscured by too many bong hits and not enough sleep. Whatever.

I heard one commentator on the scandalous Trump ‘hot mic’ tape say, that it wasn’t the locker room talk so much as the idea that Trump was projecting, that someone famous enough, rich enough, powerful enough could commit a sexual assault on a woman and get away with it. Much like, say, a former President. But, then, this isn’t about Bill!

Instead, imagine if you will, that Trump had gone a little farther than what he said on the hot mic, and been even more disgusting. What if he’d told Billy Bush that he’d actually raped a 12 year old girl. That he “raped her so hard, he put her in a coma!” Billy Bush would no doubt stop laughing. As would we all.

But let’s say Trump hires an attorney to get him off. Specifically a female attorney, who might be able to attack his accuser with more impunity. One who believed he was guilty, and said that when her client passed a lie detector test, she “stopped believing in lie detectors after that.” In Trump’s defense, she attacks the teenage rape victim as a slut who pursued older men. That’s right! She wanted it! And after managing to get the physical evidence thrown out, her client goes free after only time served.

 Now, before you get your habeas corpus in a uproar, yes, I believe that every person, even the guilty ones are entitled to a defense under the law. That’s not the problem here. It’s that in an interview years later, the attorney laughed about it.

Can you please tell me what could possibly be funny about the brutal rape of a twelve year old girl, browbeating her over supposed prior sexual activity, blaming the victim, and getting a child rapist set free, perhaps to rape again? Are any of you laughing now?

Now tell me how that attorney, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is supposed to be more respectful to women than a man who made a crude and childish remark not to a woman, but about a woman, over ten years ago? We’ll wait.

“Goes to character?” Yes. Doesn’t it?

Another Unforced Error for Trump

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Donald Trump has managed to create yet another controversy about himself, based, as closely as I can tell, on his massive ego and loose lips. We know Donald’s philosophy on “live and let live”. It’s basically: “Fahgetaboutit”. He has been famously quoted:
“When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades.” And “When someone attacks you publicly, always strike back.”
His wife has been quoted as saying when someone attacks Trump he “hits back ten times as hard”. She was probably quoting him.

Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim US soldier killed in Iraq in 2004, made some disparaging remarks about Trump at the Democrat’s convention. I’m shocked! Someone saying mean things about a Republican at a Democrat convention…whowouldathunkit?

Now, I’m not a presidential candidate, nor do I play one on TV, but I can think of a number of ways The Donald could have responded to Khizr Khan’s emotional outburst at the Democrat convention:

1) Do nothing. Period. Be the bigger man. Khizr Khan was a grieving father who took a cheap political shot at Trump. Trump could have ignored the slight and the day after the convention, Khan would have gone back to the anonymity he enjoyed prior to his fifteen minutes of fame.

This is, as we have seen, not within Trump’s makeup. By firing back at the wrath of Khan, he gave the story legs to carry it through several more news cycles.

2) He could have said, “Mr. and Mrs. Khan, first let me express my deepest sympathies for the loss of your son. I can’t imagine the depths of grief you must feel over the loss of a child. I can tell that you’re angry, but I’m a little bit puzzled that you’re angry with me, when it was Hillary Clinton who voted to authorize sending your son in harm’s way.”  That way, it humanizes him and with a little political jiu-jitsu, turns the discussion to one of Hillary’s weaknesses with her base.

3) Pundit John LeBoutillier went so far as to suggest that Trump might have created an endowment seat in Captain Khan’s name at his alma mater to honor his service. A scholarship or donation to a military charity in the Captain’s name could have gone a long way to prove himself the bigger man.

Instead, you have a person with a massive ego, who must punish every slur and slight against him, getting into a pissing match with a Gold Star family, as no doubt the Clinton campaign wanted him to do, and then to have such an Obama grade tin ear that he would compare the sacrifice of losing a child to his “creating thousands of jobs”. Newsflash, Donald. Creating jobs to further your own financial gain is not a “sacrifice”. It could be asked if you, born to wealth, wealthy in your own right, have ever in your life made a genuine sacrifice. Certainly not as great as that of losing a child. Did you “sacrifice” your first two wives so that you could score a younger hotter one? /sarc

In one fell swoop, the Hillary camp baited Trump into overreacting, attacking the parents of a slain soldier, giving false equivalence to the word sacrifice, which could demonstrate that he is out of touch, and created an equal narrative to match that of Hillary’s treatment of Sean Smith’s mother.

Now granted, the liberals have not covered themselves with glory here. One writer said of Patricia Smith, “I would like to beat her to death.”

Patricia Smith was able to testify about the lack of honesty and moral character of Mrs. Clinton. Khizr Khan distorted what Trump had said for political theater. Trump, in taking the bait and dignifying the slurs with a response, has badly miscalculated and made it a bigger story than it was or had to be, and made himself look smaller in the process.


Once upon a time, not so very long ago as calendars are reckoned, there lived in the kingdom of York, across the river from the Republic of Lincoln, the Mad Duchess of Chappaqua. I suppose I should note, upon advice of counsel, that any resemblance real or imagined between the characters in this parabolic fable are purely coincidental and no inference of any kind should be made from them in or out of any court of law. None. Whatsoever. At all.

Whew! Anyway, back to our tale! The Mad Duchess, whose given name was Misery, lived in a modest two story* castle, with her consort, William the Pantless and their daughter Paisley. The Mad Duchess Misery lived a life of luxury on her many, many, ill gotten gains, but like most of the 1%'ers in the Kingdom, she had an insatiable desire for more.

One day, a very strange little man with skin as orange as Minute Maid concentrate came to Misery's castle, on the day of one of the very many parties that she threw, for, you see, Misery loves company! The strange little man seemed to fit right in, schmoozing with Misery's guests and constantly admiring himself in a small hand mirror he carried with him everywhere. Which was coincidentally ironic, since he himself had small hands…

After the rest of her guests had departed, the little orange man took Misery aside and said, "I know what is your heart's desire," Then added, "Well, it would be if you had one!"

"How could you possibly know that?" she shrieked. ""Did Bernie the Socialismus send you?"

"Nay, Your Witchiness, as obvious as the wrinkles on your visage are, is your quest for power. You wish to become the most powerful woman in the world, and in so doing, increase your wealth exponentially. I can make that happen. I wrote a book, 'The Art of Making You Squeal'. And believe me, when you get what you want, man, oh, man are you gonna squeal! The squealing will be unbelievable!"

"Tell me more," she cackled

3 Reasons For a Republican Convention Coup

I don’t want to rehash all the reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to be president. Been there, done that. No, the man is certainly qualified to be president…he’s over 35 and presumed to be a native born US citizen, or possibly a robot from the Future, rejected by Skynet’s QC, (just like Hillary).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
You sure you don’t find this just a little bit creepy?

So I want to give you three of my personal reasons, aside from the Donald’s suitability or lack thereof, for rooting for a coup at the convention. Remember, these are my reasons, (your mileage may vary).

Number one:  It could provide a candidate that I could affirmatively vote for, instead of being faced with the prospect of casting essentially a negative vote against Hillary. Most of the arguments I hear to vote for Trump, are couched in terms of preventing Hillary from becoming president. Affirmative beats negative, IMHO.

Two: I think it would be highly instructive to see if all the strident, self righteous, condescending voices telling me I have to compromise my principles and vote for Trump, whatever I might think of him, would immediately fall in line behind a candidate OTT (other than Trump), disregarding their own principles and any hurt feelings they might have, because “anything else is a vote for Hillary”?
Knowing Trump’s own slash and burn rhetoric, I will not necessarily hold my breath for this option.

Three: If all the ardent Trump supporters, who were certain he would win on his own, possibly without even support from Republicans, whose vote Trump is reluctant to court, (and despite my belief that Hillary will smoke Trump like a ham*), join with the #NeverTrumpers and the conservatives on the fence, to defeat Hillary, they would do so with an even larger margin, right? Plus, all of the down ticket races, where candidates currently feel the need to distance themselves from Trump, would benefit from an OTT candidate, perhaps further cementing the Republican retention of the House and Senate?

I’m not making any predictions here. These are merely my reasons. And, maybe pigs will fly…

*H/T Chris Stirewalt