Dithering Obama: Dover Visit, Call to Action

by the Left Coast Rebel

An interesting day today. I covered the American Flag art/desecration story. I was also perusing the Memeorandum thread related to the Obamanation overnight Dover-visit to pay respect to 18 soldiers. I am not a foreign affairs or military expert. I stick to what I know. What I do know and what I can tell you is that October has been the bloodiest month to date in the Theater of Afghanistan. And our Leader waits for more data. What do you think about that?

Reader and blogger Nickie Goomba from It Don’t Make Sense commented on my flag-piece, to paraphrase : ‘this generation has no respect for America and it’s traditions of liberty, in fact they should not be expected to protect individual liberties.’

Nickie is smart. And right. I replied a simple ‘what can we do?’ And of course this assertion from me was more of a hangover-admission of daily Abominations of Obamanation, a query of call to arms; a sigh to a friend…. You know? Sometimes it seems a bit hopeless.

Libertarian Advocate, blogger from said site noted on the flag-story that the nincompoops in office seem to think that the expression protected by the first amendment is artistic expression, not political expression.’

And LA is right too. As I noted, ‘despots will recognize or ignore the constitutional restraint(s) that they see fit.’ Call it a Living, Breathing Document of teabaggers, racists and 9/12 tea-partiers.

The meat and potatoes came in comment from Войска ПВО ,(and no, he’s not a commie, duh!), he checked in with this –

What do we do?

……we get off our collective asses and work as hard as we can until all of this crap is expunged from the Americas psyche, that’s what we do! We have ONE YEAR and ONE WEEK before the 2010 midterm elections and we have FIVE YEARS and ONE WEEK before the 2012 presidential elections. The Democrats came to power in less than half that time as a result of America’s disgust with RINOs and as a matter of anger over government just not responding to the perceived wishes of the people.

Arguably, since Obama has taken the oath of office, we have seen :

(1) what an incompetent boob he really is;

(2) that congress is yet-again-once-more-even-more arrogant and unresponsive to the wishes of the American people;

(3) the MSM media is yet-again-once-more-even-more in the tank for the Pantload and his crew;

(4) our country and economy crumbling before our very eyes from the daily outrages perpetrated…… But we also have seen that the resentment at this arrogance and effrontery also grows daily just as the leg-tingling adoration for Dear Leader fades away.

The scales are falling away from the eyes of the Public; a seething rage roils in America.

Who woulda thunk we could sustain the energy that first manifested
itself on April 15th? Who woulds thunk we would have had almost a legitimate million people make the trek to DC to demonstrate their anger and frustration? Who woulda thunk it, indeed!

So, Obama gathers his sycophantic press crew and makes a pre-dawn trip to Dover Delaware to make an obscene photo-op out of a brief salute to the returning coffin of a fallen warrior and expects us to be placated by that, to not see through the perfidy?

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  1. LCR: After all that's happened today, I really think that the Demos have gone completely off their meds. They really can't see the electoral suicide bomb they've just strapped around their political waists. Its gonna be nasty. Just gotta hope the collateral damage will be light.

  2. @ You mean with the House Obamacare deal? You need to be specific there are 12 things just TODAY that I can think of, LOL

  3. Chris Christie Republican Candidate for Governor of New Jerseys, tells Imus “I’m Going To Be A Big Fat Winner”


  4. 11 out of 18 okayed the media coverage before they found out obama was coming. After they found out only 1 family allowed for the body transfer to be filmed by the media.so 1 family subjected all the other familys to media harassment. The media is respectful? No they were their for personal gain and no other reason. They were not their to honor or mourn the fallen soldiers. There was a media ban on the reciving of fallen soldiers from Dover for almost 2 decades. There is a difference between showing the cost of war and disrespectiong someone's dead remains. To put it bluntly, What is coming is home are unprepared remains of men in ice crates with a flag draped over them and their is a silent solute for no other reason than to simply honor the soldier and not for the public to make a spectical out of it. it is suppose to be a humbling event. The media takes away from the whole purpose of the ceremony. Their is a difference between showing the cost of war and disrespectiong someone's dead remains. To tape a funeral of a fallen soldier with the permission of the family members is one way to show the cost of war with out disrespecting the fallen soldier.

  5. As if the Republicans had a strong recent tradition of respecting American values of liberty, justice, rule of law, separation of powers, etc…

    I think people experiencing seething rage have a personal problem, not a political one. If inefficient approaches to problems from the government fill you with rage, you’re going to have an unhappy life.

    It seems to me one party sets a precedent of increased gov’t and executive branch powers, and the other party follows it. You are incredible naïve if you think think the Republicans are going to be better about promoting liberty and so on. If you just want a tax cut not accompanied by spending cuts, Republicans do have a recent record of providing that.

  6. @ CJ – Six of one, half dozen of the other. That's why I support conservatives, not GOPers. And by conservative, I mean fiscally so, those that will not sell future generations out. You are incredibly naive if you as well do not see the statism that your party is pushing at this point.


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