Did Eric Cantor Out-Alinsky the Left?


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A local Virginia paper is claiming the following with regards to yesterday’s revelations that Eric Cantor’s office was shot.

A bullet that hit a window in Republican U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor’s office building was fired randomly into the air, police said Thursday.

Cantor announced at a Capitol Hill news conference Thursday that a shot had been fired into his Richmond campaign office.

In addressing reporters, he denounced threats and vandalism against Democrats who passed sweeping health care reform legislation that has angered conservatives, but accused senior Democrats of inciting retribution against Republicans.

The kooks on the left are out decrying Cantor a liar. I don’t think anyone could say for sure whether Cantor knew if a bullet was randomly fired at his office or not. However, if he was hyping up the incident, all I have to say is “way to go Eric Cantor!” It is nice to see Alinsky’s rules for radical flung back at the left every now and then.

For days we’ve had to put up with overly publicized instances of feigned derogatory slurs, pretend spitting, decrying threats from the right, but ignoring threats from the left, bricks that the DNC chair says has nothing to do with health care, coffin threats that aren’t threats, inhuman rock throwing and the disassembly of an outdoor grill. I’m proud to see someone in the Republican Party with the guts to make up as wild a claim as the left.

Please…lefty trolls, leave me some hate comments so that I might bask in your outrage.

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  1. How does a bullet get fired randomly in the air near the Minority Whip's Office?

    Virginia must have some real open gun laws?

    I know in Montana you can carry in the open is it the same in Virginia? What happened a Duck Hunter was hunting in Cantor's Office complex? Was it Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck "Looney Tunes" LOL!….Because the explanation from the police's investigation isn't really a full explanation.

  2. I saw Alan Colmes today calling for Cantor's resignation. It was pitiful.

  3. I totally agree!! Cantor gave Libs a taste of their own medicine and now their whining like cry babies.

  4. Libs love to dish it out, but they can't take it.

  5. I was recently in your fair city. The leftist next to me lectured me about how everyone who does not support Mr Obama is stupid, boring, predictable and wrong in the head. And he said he's an economist, so he would know! (?)

    The whole thing begins to smell of the left deciding everyone else is sub-human and deserves contempt. That would help explain Mr O's remark that anyone who disagrees with his health care debacle can bring it on…. Does he wants to go on fighting after his victory? Whats up with that?


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