Devoid of ideas, Obama resorts to plagiarism – again

By Dean L

Lost in the “you didn’t build that” hoopla is a salient point about Obama – his ideas aren’t his own. From the dogma of his anti-American mentors to his copying of speeches for the purpose of campaigning, the president is devoid of original ideas.  He is, the copycat president, or he is simply resorting to plagiarism because he isn’t the brilliant, eloquent wonder liberals have believed him to be – all evidence to the contrary.

Far from being this brilliant guy who thinks faster than he can speak, the president is just an empty suit and he keeps proving it time and time again.

His recent diatribe about businesses not creating their success on their own was copied straight out of the Elizabeth Warren manuscript as demonstrated by this brilliant montage.

The fact of the matter is that he didn’t even say it as eloquently as the Kindergarten-teacheresque Warren.  But more importantly, it wasn’t the first time that Obama has lifted/boosted/stole/copied/absconded the speeches of others.  Claims that his auto-biography was ghost written by radical Bill Ayers abound.  More obvious is this lifting of a speech from Deval Patrick:

This is the plagiarism administration.  Joe Biden steals, allthetime.  Obama is no different from Biden, at all.


  1. So this dweeb can't create his own socialist rants. No shock there.

    1. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to point out the obvious for the oblivious among us.


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