Desecrated Flag: DNC Finalist

by the Left Coast Rebel

Ok, I may seem to be barraging you, the loyal reader today. Can you handle all of this stuff. I can but here’s a tip – I jog to burn off stress. Today I’m going to push for 3+ miles here at the coast. It’s a great tonic for the mind….

Anyway, yes….hmm well how do I summarize this story? Here we go. As of late there has been a running health care video contest by Organizing for America, (BO‘s campaign arm, run by Plouffe), it’s called the “Health Reform Video Challenge,” and purposed to support Obamacare.

A vid-contest to push Obamacare. I didn’t know about it but it’s not surpristing after all, the constant Obamanation campaign, socialized HC holy-grail over all; these things we all know, right? Isn’t it odd and unsettling that ‘O‘s campaign group and muscle however, is pushing for legislation like this? Yes, but that’s not even the story here. The top 20 contestant-vids have been chosen. It is one in particular, from Politco:

One of the 20 finalists in health care video contest run by Barack Obama’scampaign arm features a mural of an America flag splattered with health caregraffiti until it’s covered completely by black paint.

In the video – which is accompanied by the sound of a heart monitor pumping and then flat-lining – words such as “pre-existing conditions,”“homeless” and “death panel” ultimately obliterate the flag, which reappears on screen seconds later with the words “Health Will Bring Our Country Back to Life” on the blue field where the 50 stars usually are…..the 20 finalists in the “Health Reform Video Challenge” were chosen by a panel of “qualified” Democratic National Committee “employee judges.”

The Video that is such a hit with the DNC:

Here’s where I adamantly disagree:

A contestant whose video didn’t make the final-20 cut complains that a
video “defacing the flag” won’t do much to help President Barack Obama or the Democrats sell health care reform.

“They should never pick that,” said the contestant, who spoke on thecondition of anonymity. “It makes the Democrats look really, reallybad.”

To which I say: Nonsense, Billevesée, Poppycock; Horse-Hockey…..

Why? Here it is, some of the panels of experts after the DNC approved the flag-desecration video include:

DNC Chair Tim Kaine, Obama Campaign Chief Plouffe, Rep. Patrick Murphy, Singer Will.I.Am and Hollywood stars including Rosario Dawson and Dule Hill.

And these folks want us to hand over 1/5 of our economy, our health and our lives to them…..

Via Politico

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  1. I'm sorry but, sadly, none of this surprises me. Love of country and American patiotism is being murdered by "popular" American culture. This generation is not to be expected to protect individual liberties.

  2. @ Nickie – I fear you are right. What do we do?

  3. The biggest problem is that the nincompoops seem to think that the expression protected by the 1st Amendment is artistic expression, NOT political expression.

  4. What do we do? What do we do?

    ..we get off our collective asses and work as hard as we can until all of this crap is expunged from the Americas psyche, that's what we do! We have ONE YEAR and ONE WEEK before the 2010 midterm elections and we have FIVE YEARS and ONE WEEK before the 2012 presidential elections. The Democrats came to power in less than half that time as a result of America's disgust with RINOs and as a matter of anger over government just not responding to the perceived wishes of the people.

    Arguably, since Obama has taken the oath of office, we have seen (1) what an incompetent boob he really is, (2) that congress is yet-again-once-more-even-more arrogant and unresponsive to the wishes of the American people, (3) the MSM media is yet-again-once-more-even-more in the tank for the Pantload and his crew, and (4) our country and economy crumbling before our very eyes from the daily outrages perpetrated by these turds. But we also have seen that the resentment at this arrogance and effrontery also grows daily just as the leg-tingling adoration for Dear Leader fades away.

    The scales are falling away from the eyes of the Public; a seething rage roils in America.

    Who woulda thunk we could sustain the energy that first manifested itself on April 15th? Who woulds thunk we would have had almost a legitimate million people make the trek to DC to demonstrate their anger and frustration? Who woulda thunk it, indeed!

    So, Obama gathers his sycophantic press crew and makes a pre-dawn trip to Dover Delaware to make an obscene photo-op out of a brief salute to the returning coffin of a fallen warrior and expects us to be placated by that, to not see through the perfidy?

    Guess again, slim.

    The date nights, hauling the FLOTUS's and Oprah's asses to Copenhagen for the Olympic Smack-down, the 24 tee-times, the 22 fundraisers, the phony beer summit have taken their toll. (Remember the photo of OBama his leaving the two participants in the dust as he hustles down to the cameras and microphones? You know, the one where the cop tenderly helps his crippled, former adversary down the steps.) The apologia to our enemies, the snub of our friends and allies, and his slick, fast-food way of dealing with "the right war" by dithering with our troops' lives have all become part of the public's cumulative memory, not easily forgotten.

    So, we get off our asses like we did on 156 April and 12 September and like, hopefully, people will do on 4 November in Virginia, New Jersey, and NY 23, and we work to scour the scum off all of the American landscape and flush it down the toilet forever.

    Let's roll!

  5. @ Libertarian Adv – Great point, despots will recognize or ignore the constitutional restraint(s) that they see fit.

  6. I have to disagree with the critic that called the democrats hyprocrites for the video. To be a hyprocrite, you have to say one thing while doing another. The democrats have been anti-American since the beginning of the cold war, so this video just shows their true colors and how they support the destruction of this country.

  7. Actually, I wrote about this … did you see some of the other videos over there. God, OFA goons are the freaking worse … and don't get me going!


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