Dede Scozzafava Guilty of Bestiality: Chicago Thug Intervention NY-23

by the Left Coast Rebel

Dede Scozzafava guilty of bestiality, screwing every RINO in the country

-An a.m. talker this morning, on Dede Scozzafava endorsing Democrat Owens, confirming everything that conservatives have said about RINOs, thereby exposing their liberal vampirious ways to the light of truth……

A home-run win for Doug Hoffman tomorrow isn’t just a win for conservatives, it is a win for main street folks pushing for integrity in office. Yesterday I had a reader accuse me and the Right of:
  • Creating an international spectacle in NY-23, intruding into a local small-time race.
  • Subverting the republic-democracy by doing so.
  • Bestiality. (j/k).

On that note, this thread at Memeorandum from a Politico article becomes all that much more pertinent. Points from said article on just who is/was trying to subvert the political process via. strong arm Chicago-esque tactics:

  • Fearful that the party had almost no chance of winning the Nov. 3 New York special election….. high-ranking national Democrats immediately began working to secure her endorsement of Democrat Bill Owens, POLITICO has learned.
  • ….their vigorous efforts paid off as Scozzafava bucked her own party and issued a….. By Sunday night, Scozzafava had taped her endorsement and it was being delivered via robo-call into targeted district households.
  • The White House and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee quarterbacked the effort to secure Scozzafava’s endorsement.
  • Rep. Steve Israel, a Long Island Democrat and DCCC official, was dispatched to meet face to face with Scozzafava.
  • The White House got Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, one of the most powerful figures in the state, and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to place calls to the assemblywoman on Saturday evening to coax her into delivering it. Sen. Chuck Schumer, who had been in touch with White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and Israel, also weighed in.

Darrell Issa whose district is next to mine brought the Chicago-chicanary charge up as well.

And we as concerned-citizen activists and bloggers are ‘threatening democracy?’ An absurdity knowing no bounds.

Via Memeorandum

Via Politico


Rational Nation USA said…

None of this matters.

What is important is the positive message of rational and positive shift to a libertarian and true independent modern day conservative philosophy.

The goal must be to enunciate a true conservative, (classical liberal), libertarian vision for America.

Until such time this occurs we will remain adrift as a nation.

One mans opinion.

Bob Belvedere said…

Linked to at: NY-23 LINK RALLY

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