Deafening Liberal Silence: Obama Administration to Suspend Miranda Rights?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Liberals, leftists, progressives and civil libertarians, where art thou? Do you agree with this? (WaPo):

The Obama administration is considering changes to the laws requiring police to inform suspects of their rights, potentially pursuing an expansion of the “public safety exception” that allows officers to delay issuing Miranda warnings, officials said Sunday.

Attorney General Eric Holder, in his first appearances on Sunday morning news shows as a cabinet secretary, said the Justice Department is examining “whether or not we have the necessary flexibility” to deal with terrorist suspects such as the Pakistani-born U.S. citizen who tried to detonate a car bomb in Times Square last weekend.

I find it stunning that this is not a massive topic of discussion on the left. Perhaps only libertarians and (some) conservatives are the principled opposition to this kind of travesty.

The liberal silence is deafening. I guess police state leadership is o.k. as long as it comes with two teleprompters.

Talk to your all-knowing hand, leftists:



Sparky said…

This is shocking!!! The silence from the Left is deafening. I hope our country can survive the travesty of "hope" and "change".

A.G. said…

I really wonder sometimes whether they were in fact actually reading Miranda rights to detainees, as they keep telling us. How we would really know if we're not there and there's no video? And it would be the gov.'s word versus the detainee's, anyway.

Somehow, they supposedly keep getting all the info they need, despite the fact that the detainee knows he can keep silent if he wishes. Yes, there are various ways to keep questioning even after the rights are read, but it seems a little fishy.

That said, it's pretty frightening that they're just realizing they could probably use the public safety exception in many situations involving potential terrorist detainees, and justify it by saying they're concerned about possible simultaneous attacks (like 9/11). But I guess these people only do things when their poll numbers slip.

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