Davenport Iowa Renames Good Friday to “Spring Holiday”

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Those who know me know that I am not a religious man and choose to find my spirituality in my own unique and individual way.

It is also fairly well know that I am a believer in the Jeffersonian tradition of separation of church and state. I, like Jefferson simply believe that the  church has no good purpose being involved in the affairs of the state.

Churches are established to provide moral guidance and fellowship with like minded individuals.All religious sects profess deeply held values that are faith  based and bind church members to their chosen faith and denomination.

While an individual does not need to be religious, or even believe in a higher authority to be ethical and a good person, society in general has found comfort and guidance in religious beliefs and traditions since mankind became social beings. In so long as all religious sects respect the right of others to worship as they chose all is well.

That aside… America has since it’s earliest beginnings been a Christian nation and celebrated Christian holidays for as long as we have been a nation. The celebration of these holidays have done no harm to individuals, nor to the society in which their live.

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  1. Jefferson's main reason for not supporting a governent established religion was that it shut down debate. What separation has become now is a way to shut down debate so not what it was intended at all.

  2. The founding fathers where for the most part deists. They saw what government established religion resulted in, I.E. in England and The Church of England.

    The influence of religion in state affairs was seen as undesirable then and it remains so today.

    Theocratic rule wherever it has been practiced has resulted in negative consequences. Our founders, in particular Jefferson were correct in guarding against the union of government and religion.

    However that being said I do believe that government should make no laws respecting the establishment of religion, nor should it restrict the free exercise thereof.

    Merely keep them separated so as not to allow religion to have the power of establishing governmental policy or making laws.


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