Updated: Dan Rather Said that Obama ‘couldn’t sell watermelons’? UPDATED, Video with Audio UPDATED Again: Transcript, Dan Rather/Watermelon Statement

by the Left Coast Rebel

Rush Limbaugh just mentioned that he has audio of Dan Rather saying that Obama ‘couldn’t sell watermelons’ or some such thing. I am searching for either a sound clip of said admission by Rather or (even better) a video of it. Rush said that Dan Rather made this ‘watermelon’ comment on Chris Matthews’ show.

Video/audio coming up when I get my hands on it.

UPDATED: Rush just played the sound clip and mentioned that it is impossible to find on the net (watch me, Rush). I noticed that Rather said, ‘he’s a nice person, articulate, but he couldn’t sell watermelons…..’ at which point his mic was cut (it seems).

UPDATED x2: The video/audio has been scrubbed from the net. The Baltimore Sun had the link up but now it’s gone. Can you say SCRUBBED?

UPDATED x3: An LCR reader just commented that the actual quote is, “He couldn’t sell watermelons to the NAACP“. I didn’t gather that from the Rush segment, however.(Editor’s Note – this was not accurate).

UPDATED x4: Start searching, readers! I still can’t find the sound clip via. Google.

UPDATED x5: Here’s the link to the Matthews show where Dan Rather made the comment around the 8:00 point?

UPDATED x6: Video — Readers, send me audio of the entire segment if you come across it!

I transcribed the entire context:

Chris Matthews: “Nancy Pelosi will have her greatest triumph?”

Rather: “When you talk about a triumph though, part of the undertow in the coming election is going to be President Obama’s leadership and the Republicans are making a case, a lot of independents will buy this argument, listen he just hasn’t been…look at the health care bill, it was his number one priority, it took him forever to get it through and he had to compromise it to death and a version of …listen, he’s a nice person, he’s very articulate, this was going to be used against him but he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.”
UPDATE x 7: Leftists are calling Rather out on this watermelon statement already. This from Newsvine:

This morning Dan Rather was so transparent as to his dislike of the President and his policies that he couldn’t hide it. Dan was on such an anti-Obama mission that he said the President couldn’t sell watermelon to? what, I don’t know, because Chris Matthews tried to cut him off by talking deliberately over him with success. Dan just had such a rabbit look in his eyes while his mouth was in such a weird frown that I literally expected foam to come from it.

I tried to pull up the link but I guess the video isn’t out yet of The Chris Matthews Show this morning. Dan needs to be terminated from HDNet and from the Matthews show. I’m hoping the network don’t attempt to expunge the tape, wow, I am still stunned that this man used a racist, stereotypical comment that’s lodged often at blacks, toward the President. Supporters do your own research and expose this unprofessional so called journalist.

UPDATED x8: The entire context via Youtube, via I Own the World, h/t LCR reader TKZ

UPDATEDx9: A Left Coast Rebel reader thought this graphic was perfect for Dan Rather’s racist ‘watermelon’ comment:

UPDATED x10: Chris Matthews full show can be seen here. Drop the needle between 13 and 12 minutes for Dan Rather’s comments.

UPDATE x11: BBCW checks in with some great analysis:
Chris Matthews had to sit there and bit his tongue on his show. Dan Rather was on showing how compromised Obama is and how ineffective he is as a leader telling Matthews Republicans are going to attack these issues during the election. Dan Rather said Obama couldn’t sell watermelons [on the side of the road with state troopers flagging in cars.] It’s strange when Dan Rather actually hits the nail on the head. Strange and funny.

Of course this was the last thing Matthews wants exposed on his show as he was quick to cut Rather off. What Rather did this weekend is confirm what we have all known all along about Obama. He is an ineffective demagogue. You have to love these moments when the a light is finally shed upon truth in the mainstream media.

Why is it libs like Rather can get away with the racist connection in the statement? If this was a republican suggesting Obama sell watermelons there would be commercials of churches burning in front of Obama’s watermelon stand.
UPDATED x12: Hat/tip Moonbattery, perhaps this is what Dan Rather sees when he thinks of Obama:

UPDATED x 13: LCR earns a Memeorandum thread! LCR tops Google Trends as well. Ace of Spades links, thanks! Gateway Pundit links, thanks! Jamie Wearing Fool links, thanks! Be sure to read Wisdom of Soloman’s take on Rather as well. Soloman actually thinks that Rather is not a limo-liberal racist.

UPDATED x 14: Right Klik asks the question, where’s a watermelon to go from here? The watermelon crawl from Conenhagen I, Copenhagen II, Virginia…..go here to read the rest. Sister Toldjah links as well, thanks! Infidels Paradise links, thanks! Newsbusters Memeorandum thread here.

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Anonymous said…

It looks like there was some type of link brought down at the Baltimore Sun. I was floored when I heard it on his show, too.

Ray said…

He just played it, but it was truncated.

Anonymous said…

The actual quote is "He couldn't sell watermelons to the NAACP". Way too funny.

Anonymous said…

Typical Rather left wing nut slip up crap. I wish Matthews would have agreed with him! That would have been classic!

NOZZLE said…

Provide a youtube file of the watermelon comment so I can run it on my site

Tony Smyles said…

This is great!!!!! Please, please, please, either you or Rush FIND IT so we can plaster it all over. My YouTube site is alllll ready for it!

Anonymous said…

I was only able to find this excerpt of the show, but they cut it off before the watermelon statement… http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2010/03/07/rather-and-mitchell-agree-obama-made-mistake-pushing-healthcare

Anonymous said…

It's right here about 8 1/2 minutes into the clip


Anonymous said…

Rather's comment is even worse when you hear that he said Obama couldn't sell watermelons to the NAACP. I wonder if he Obama could sell watermelons to the Black Caucus?

God Father of Blog said…

No the comment was " He couldn't sell watermelons on the side of the road if the state patrol was flagging cars down"


Anonymous said…

I've been listening to Rush, googled, saw the Rather soundbite/and or article was pulled already from Baltimore Sun, then it led me to you…tweeted this already~just wanted to say thanks.

Anonymous said…


there it is with him saying it and Chris "I forgot he was black for an hour" Matthews cutting him off.

Anonymous said…

He said that "He couldn't sell watermelons if a state trooper was flagging down traffic on the highway." It's the party of compassion.

Anonymous said…

I heard the whole thing. It's "couldn't sell watermelons with a state trooper flagging people over."

Anonymous said…

no! He said "he couldn't sell watermelons on the side of the road, if a state trooper was flagging down cars."

Matthews tried to cut him off by talking over him

Anonymous said…

As has already been mentioned here…

You guys are working way too hard to find this.


Go to about 12:30 remaining.

oliviac2 said…

I heard it on Rush, too and was searching everywhere for it. It really was Scrubbed! Scary that the truth is so controlled if it's anything critical of the takeover and the people who are pushing it. I actually found your blog when I was dong the search 🙂 Thanks for posting this.
Olivia For Freedom 2010 / 2012

RightCoast said…

You're awesome!

Anonymous said…

What he said was, "Obama couldn't sell watermelons if you gave him a state trooper to flag down the traffic." A little hard to hear with Mathews trying to speak over him but that's it.

Anonymous said…

Well, it tells you that the Baltimore Sun has their ear to the radio listening to Rush, doesn't it??? LOL

TKZ said…

Video here: http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=18933

Anonymous said…


Look at time stamp starting about 13:35

Anonymous said…

Another link should the others go down wormhole… Dan needs to break out the throbbing memos….


Keyboard Jockey said…

Hmmmm…..Chris Matthews didn't call Dan Rather a Racist? Because Chris Matthews likes to call his guest Racist ask Craig Crawford. Especially if they are not licking Obama's boots.


Anonymous said…

I heard that youtube clip is already gone? I wonder how long the Leftist media can hide Rather's "Jimmy the Greek" moment?

commoncents said…

THANK YOU for posting this! Love your blog!!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??

Anonymous said…

OK here's my take on this. Ovomit is a liar and a thug with no experience and Dan Rather is one of the few to speak out against Ovomit! Go Dan!

Soloman said…

Hey Rebel… just got home, so I'm way behind you, but I did a short post on this and threw you a link.

Looks like you've had a busy day!

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Common – Already on the blogroll!

@ Soloman – Indeed, I'll updated and send you some traffic.

Anonymous said…

Maybe OBAMA could sell watermelons with a negro accent. Harry Reid

Chris W said…


Great post and a main link on memeorandom for this story. Outstanding.


mrbill said…

Rather is from Texas and I used to live there. Being so close to the Rio valley produce area every corner in Houston or every gravel road has watermelon stands on it.

On some local roads traffic backs up when people stop to buy. Police or DPS Troopers will help with traffic.

That is what he is referring to. Meaning its easy to do…but Obama ia having a hard time at doing what should be easy.

Anonymous said…

Non story. If you substitute Oranges for watermelons, the saying still makes sense. Now substitute Oranges for watermelons in the picture of the White House lawn. Does it make sense? No. Translation, the picture only had racial intent, the Dan Rather saying did not.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Chris – Thanks!

@ Mrbill – I see your point.However under the constraints and rules that the Leftwing makes us all live under the 'watermelon' comment should crucify Rather, as it would anyone right of center.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Anon Above LCR/Atlas – You are an idiot. I would like to see you say the same thing if a conservative/libertarian mention Obama and watermelons. How much does Plouffe pay you?

Anonymous said…

Dan Rather is an educated and well learned man. He knows very well the conotation and history of the usage of watermelons depicting African Americans as lazy, shiftless, etc. Which is why he used watermelon instead of newspapers or water…It was racist, and anyone with a brain knew it was coming after he said the "articulate" comment.

Anonymous said…

Dan Rather absolutely knew that his comment would be interpreted as racist. The man just said what was in his heart but can you imagine what he says when he's behind close doors.

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