Dan Maffei concedes in NY-25, Ann Marie Buerkle becomes 242 Republican Congress and Tim Bishop ahead of Randy Altschuler by 235 in full NY-1 Count

By Sam Foster

Updated Post:

This afternoon, Democrat incumbent Dan Maffei conceded to Republican challenger Ann Marie Buerkle. Lonely Conservative was the first to confirm with Ann Marie’s campaign. Jill Terreri of the D&C; confirmed via twitter moments later. The Other McCain has more.

Ann Marie Buerkle’s official statement is below:

I wanted to send you a brief email to keep you up to date on today’s developments. Earlier today, Rep. Maffei called Ann Marie and conceded the race for the 25th Congressional District. Ann Marie Buerkle will now be the next Representative from New York’s 25th Congressional District.

The concession puts to end a longstanding concerns about challenged ballots and threats from Maffei’s campaign for a full recount.

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At the same time, it looks like the conclusion to NY-1 is coming to a head. Tim Bishop has emerged from the full absentee vote count, 235 votes ahead of Republican challenger Randy Altschuler.

I would assume that the Bishop campaign will begin calling for a concession from Randy Altschuler. However, there are a large number of challenged ballots that could swing one way or the other, but Bishops 235 vote lead will likely prevail.

Three Village Patch provides the exact number:

Both parties are due in court next Tuesday to determine the validity of over 2,000 challenged ballots. According to Schneider, Altschuler has challenged 1,261 votes while Bishop has challenged 790, a difference of 471.

Earlier today Altschuler was focusing on roughly 75 ballots in particular that were being challenged by the Bishop campaign. Military ballots had been corrected and remailed leading Tim Bishop to challenge all the military votes on the old absentees. Yet, even these ballots would not be enough to overcome Tim Bishop’s lead.

One thing is for certain, Ann Marie Buerkle has emerged as the 242 Republican in the 112th congress. Also for the record books, NY produced 6 congressional seats that switched from Democrat to Republican. That gives NY the largest number seats that changes hands!

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Update x3:

It looks like Randy Altschuler plans to fight this one out. Below is a statement from his press release.

“More than 2,200 ballots have not been counted and remain to be examined. A large number of the Bishop campaign’s challenges are frivolous at best. Among these are nearly 100 Election Inspectors who worked on Election Day in the employ of the Suffolk County Board of Elections, along with scores of long-time legal voters who have every right to have their ballots counted. Additionally, 71 ballots belonging to men and women of our Armed Forces have not yet been counted.

Original Post:

The final results in both NY-25 and NY-1 are coming quickly, so I will be updating this post.  However, The D&C is reporting that Dan Maffei is conceding NY-25 and thus Ann Marie Buerkle emerges as the 242 Republican seat in the 112th congress.

Additionally, New’s Day is reporting that the absentee count in NY-1 is final and Tim Bishop emerges with a 235 vote lead.  There are still many challenged ballots to be resolved, but it seems unlikely that Randy Altschuler will prevail.  


John said…

so, there is still hope for NY?!?! Let us not lose hope and give up on Cali!

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