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Some suggested topics for Conservative and Republican bloggers:
Choose your topics wisely. Take timeliness, relevance and significance into consideration. Think about which topics are likely to receive insufficient coverage by the left-wing media and left-wing blogs. Focus on topics that will help to advance the principles that support limited government, personal accountability, liberty and economic prosperity in the upcoming elections.


If you think that conservative anti-establishment candidates like Sharron Angle, Rand Paul and Christine O’Donnell are awkward candidates loaded down with too much embarrassing baggage, you are certainly free to wring your hands and pace around the room…but if you want Republicans to win in November, I see a few proactive options. Which ones make sense?

a) Attack the conservatives, and play “I told you so” games.
b) Support the conservatives, warts and all.
c) Shrug off the embarrassing rumors and attack the Democrats.
d) Quietly write off states like Nevada and Delaware and support Conservatives/Republicans elsewhere.
e) Quietly write off states like Nevada and Delaware and attack Liberals/Democrats elsewhere.

For the life of me, I cannot understand the wisdom of pursuing the first option.

Liberals let their people get away with murder. Conservatives crucify their own as soon as they hear RUMORS of peccadilloes. Is it unreasonable to consider charting a course between those two extremes?

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*Revision: added the word “quietly” to (d) and (e) above.


wcvarones said…

The problem is mostly the media. The media goes into a frenzy when they have a "gotcha" on a conservative. They don't do the same when it's a liberal.

Janelle said…

Amen, LCR.

Wesley M. said…

Ted Kennedy dabbled into synchronized swimming.

Rational Nation USA said…

Write off states like Nevada and Delaware and support Conservatives/Republicans elsewhere.

Gets my vote.

RightKlik said…

@ Rational Nation USA

There are a lot of great patriots running for office all over the country who deserve our time, talents and treasure.

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