A Crazy Day! At Least I read The Kicker of St. John’s Wood

by the Left Coast Rebel

I checked into my site just now today and with over 1500 hits today I have decided to just do a little writing – a little recollect on the moment passed. Something I haven’t done in quite some time. Oftentimes one forgets, or loses just what he started with when starting began, on a blog. Anyway, tell me if you like it:

What a crazy, manic, off the wall and bizarre day.

For any reader that wonders, I actually haven’t written any original content today, (just wrote last night that posted today, if you want to know how to do that, ask). I’ve been assuming the position of the decapitated chicken – you know what I mean. I’ve been up since 4 am this morning, driven over 200 miles between business and chartering my father, (at 5 am), to an outpatient surgery center. You get the idea. Talk radio on the drive was good but GOP partisan, is it just me? I heard way too much about the glory days of a certain president, (on Rush and Hannity). Color me so skeptical – it ain’t even funny.

About that surgery center, (don’t worry, my dad is fine), remind me to remind you of my funny experience with him – life is funny. In the ‘center’ I had oodles of time to people watch as they say and do some good quality reading. I got 1/3 through, (4 hours), an excellent novel called The Kicker Of St. John’s Wood – a liberty-minded story of a sports star that dares to buck the political-correctness madness of his time, (I will review it soon, have you heard about it?).

The funny thing is that with my site I haven’t had much time to do any serious reading. The Left Coast Rebel simply has sucked all of the literary licence out of my lobal nether regions. But it shouldn’t be that way. Reading The Kicker of St. John’s Wood reminded me just how much I like to read a good novel – you know, the kind that you can just cozy up with, kick your feet up on the couch, pour a hot mug of coffee and dive into the world of? A great escape and mental massage, I miss that. I need to make room for that. I think that it will make me a better writer. Writing, after all, is an experience bettered by repetition and learning from those better than you.

So about that people watching thing. Lots of people came and went through the outpatient center. I was situated so that I could see them without it being too obvious, (you know what I mean). Initially an older couple came in and sat down, he had a braided pony tail and she had scraggly dry grey hair. Hmmph, I thought – definitely hippies. It wasn’t 15 minutes before I heard the braided man mention something about Glenn Beck. Figures!

My ears twitched, my senses moved in for the kill – Mary said that she had the most disagreeable morning, that girl in the cubicle next to her mentioned Glenn Beck to her and…. (inaudible)….the horror, (my word).

Now this is funny, the old(er) lady with the dry hair turned and went on a tirade about Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. The evil harbingers of the ‘right wing’ is what she said, (surprised to hear such a big word). The old man said that the mention of the trio made him ill, a sure way to ruin a day. Don’t you just love the ‘tolerance’! People watching indeed. I was pondering the thought of conflict, (or at least prodding), until I saw the stare of the girl across the waiting room. She was close to the older couple, on the other side of them – facing me. And by facing, I mean staring. And by staring, I mean the kind that girls do that are not thinking nice things and not ‘nice’ in general, (my wife would agree). Of liberation! Women are more aggressive than men! Glory, Hallelujah!

So I decided to go back to my book.

To be continued tomorrow, (if enough readers want me too)…….


Spinsterpov said…

I really enjoyed it and I think you should keep writing. I started my blog mainly as an outlet for writing, especially my opinions, but the blog does go on occassional hiatus as I write fiction. Of course my fiction has political overtones. Like a book about a plot to save the country by wiping out congress and starting fresh. No politics there.

Nereus said…

Can't wait to read the rest…

Red said…

Political opining is well and good but it's nice to break out a bit. Hippies are hopeless.

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