Contrast and Compare: Searchlight Tea Party Photos Vs. Leftist Rally in Los Angeles

by the Left Coast Rebel

Zombie at PJTV had a brilliant idea for a piece, a direct, side by side picture-comparison of the Searchlight Tea Party held on March 27 vs. a leftist anti-war rally held in L.A. on March 20. PJTV gleaned Searchlight Tea Party pictures from here and the Los Angeles leftist rally from here. I should have thought of this! Photographs that directly contrast the far left and the Tea Party movement are perhaps the most effective tool to shatter the media’s attempt to smear the resurgent Tea Party movement:

Searchlight, Nevada Tea Party:

tea party 1

Again, the rabid Pac-Man-ghosts-mob at the Showdown at Searchlight:

tea party 2


tea party 3

On to Los Angeles. Positive outlook on America:

la rally 3

Racist? Nah, only teabaggers fit that description:

la rally 2

Nice – Che-worship:

la rally

Get the point main stream media? Discussion via Memeorandum.

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  1. OMG…These deadbeat over the hill hippie garbage should be deported. I am so thankful I was not born to grow up to one of them.


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