Coffee Party Astroturf UPDATES

by the Left Coast Rebel
Updated x6:

A Left Coast Rebel reader mentioned Stacey Hopkins’ Facebook page. Stacy Hopkins is obvioulsy affiliated with the Democratic party as her Facebook page clearly states. I also see FireDogLake as a friend. Obama astroturfing! Screenshot:

stacey hop facebook

Updated x7:

Blogs for Victory links and writes up an excellent summary:

So, we’ve got an Obama activist setting up a Coffee Party to just get things moving? No, we’ve got an astro-turf movement designed to confuse the issues and take a bit of sting out of the TEA Party. It won’t work – they would have gotten away with it ten years ago, but the New Media has exposed it right out the gate.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the left never has a ground-up movement. They are incapable of doing other than following orders on the left…someone has to tell them to get together and then tell them what to talk about and what actions to take.

The phrase “community organizer” nutshells the entire leftist mindset – Obama had to go in and get the community organized because the people who would follow Obama’s ideology simply will not do it on their own. This sort of thing can be done hard or soft – hard in leftist dictatorships like Cuba, soft in the United States states and other free nations – but the fundamental thing is an unwillingness to think and act independently on the part of rank-and-file leftwingers.

Keep this in mind – any group claiming to be grass roots which is not of the right simply will be astro-turf. It can’t be anything but – if it really comes from the people, it will be libertarian or conservative.


Reader Sara in Italy checks in with a great comment:
It is quite easy to sit and drink a coffee with like minded people, and avoid conflict. The problems arise when people try to actually get something accomplished, and are smeared and/or ignored and attacked for their actions.

From the VERY first week the Tea Party/Porkulus people were when they weren’t being ignored, were smeared as racist etc. From the very first week! One of the very first tea parties was in Seattle and there was NOTHING angry, or hostile about them. The media, the little that actually covered it, smeared them.

This smear job, and negative press, and the out right attacks on them is what drove the anger and outbursts. It also attracted some of the loons and the intentional Kos kids in disguise with their lunatic signs, etc, that created all the massive negativity.

The Coffee Stains can sit back, at their five people meetings, and say they are for “civility” but any time someone questions them, they react with hostility (on Facebook), call them trolls, and block them. The comments are FULL of people trashing Conservatives, Republicans or “tea baggers” Under the same exact circumstance they would NOT maintain their “civility”. Absolutely not. They can’t even handle a couple of guys on FB debating them…

And so far, what are they even trying to accomplish? They are sitting around with like-minds drinking coffee… wow, and they are civil!! Haha! They claim to be upset with the Government – like the tea party peeps. But they are heralded as the second coming (sound familiar?) and are granted all kinds of flattering press, solely because they are liberal/Obama supporters.

Perhaps instead of trashing Tea Partiers, they should reflect on how they and the media, and the WH have done everything they can to trash them, when all they have tried to do is exactly what the Coffee Party people are trying to do – express themselves about their frustrations with Washington!!

Sara drops a link too, this one is interesting, and chronologues a lot of the real grassroots founding of the Tea Party movement. Obama Astroturfers need not apply.