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Moonbat Will Opine for Food

Robert Reich, short of facts and other things, has opined on CNN (Certainly Not News) that the Berkeley riots may have been a right wing plot to discredit UC Berkeley. No. Seriously.

Reich asserted on CNN that he has “heard rumors.” According to the rumors Reich heard on campus, the anti-Trump riots were actually a right-wing plot to discredit Berkeley or the left…

Don Lemon: “You think this was a strategy by Yiannopoulos or right wingers? That they put this on in an effort to show there’s no free speech on a college campus like UC Berkeley?”

Reich responded: “I wouldn’t bet against it, Don. Again, I saw these people. They all looked very-almost paramilitary. They were not from the campus. I’ve heard, I don’t want to say factually, that there was some relationship there between these people and the right wing and the right wing movement that is affiliated with Breitbart News.”

Could Robert Reich beat a psych eval? I wouldn’t bet against it. The only note of optimism in this is that when you are built as close to the ground as Robert Reich, you don’t have far to fall!

In a related story, Reich believes the Jews used Kristallnacht to try to discredit Hitler!

Supporters Of Gov. Gary Johnson To Organize CNN Protest

Gov. Johnson’s supporters in the Southeast are planning to converge on CNN Headquarters in Atlanta July 15-16. Here’s an email from Chris Hill with the details:

Here is an opportunity to do something about it!

July 15 & 16, supporters of Gov. Johnson – and folks who just believe in fairness – are gathering at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta to let the network know that voters deserve the chance to learn that there is another choice in November besides President Obama and Gov. Romney.

People need to know that there IS a voice for social tolerance and fiscal sanity in the presidential race, and that voice is Gary Johnson.

This isn’t just about Gov. Johnson. And it isn’t just about CNN. If the major media organizations across the country don’t even include Governor Johnson in their polls, much less their coverage, millions of Americans who are ready for a third choice in 2012 will be robbed of their opportunity to be heard.

We want to let CNN – and all the other networks – know that we will not be shut out.
Join us in Atlanta July 15-16! Then support our Twitter Bomb on July 16th at 11 a.m. EDT by using the following Hashtag: #BlackoutCNN.

For details, carpooling options, and everything else you need to know about our “protest”, visit: CNN Protest For Fair Coverage of Governor Johnson.

Please donate to this cause at: or at”

Live Video: Chilean Miners Being Rescued

by the Left Coast Rebel

Rescue crews will be retrieving the 33 Chilean miners trapped for 68 days over 2,000 feet below the ground. Live Ustream video of the event:

Go here for live SkyNews coverage of the courageous rescue.

Tea Party Supports Soros’ “Tax Dollars For Incumbents” Scheme?

Random dude supports the “Tax Dollars for Incumbents” scheme.

Progressives are now wrapping themselves in the Gadsden Flag, parading around with fake Tea Party support. Allow me to explain…

A pro-incumbent campaign finance bill is working its way through congress (H.R.1826). Although it’s been cleverly dressed up as “reform,” its insidious public financing rules make it a scheme that would be more accurately be described as the “Tax Dollars for Incumbents” Act or the “Federal Government Controls the Campaign” Bill. Its supporters at CNN call it the Fair Elections Now Act.

H.R. 1826 enjoys support from a broad coalition of left-wing organizations such as, the SEIU, Common Cause (of which Markos Kounalakis as a governing board member), theBrennan Center for Justice (one of Alec Baldwin’s pet projects), and Fix Congress First (founded by Lawrence Lessig and Joe Trippi). These organizations are spending millions of dollars to push Congress to pass the bill.

Supporters of H.R.1826 (Public Campaign Action Fund and Common Cause) have produced an ad that creates the illusion of Tea Party support for the legislation. CNN sets up the narrative:
The Fair Elections Now Coalition, including U.S. PIRG, Democracy Matters, Public Campaign, and Public Citizen, among others, is launching ads that showcase a rare occurrence in today’s political theater: Tea Party members and Progressives, agreeing.

Citizens featured in one ad include progressives at rallies in Louisville, KY and Seattle, WA and Tea Party members interviewed at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in DC. They agree that campaign finance practices must change, stating that “Money has too much power” and “Anyone …would be in favor …knowing that their votes would begin to count.”
[emphasis added]

The video will be featured in a six-figure television ad campaign in Washington, D.C. On Sept. 23, the Committee on House Administration will take up and vote on H.R. 1826.

Here’s the video:

YouTube caption: In August, we coached interviewed conservatives and progressives about their views on the influence of money in the political process. They all agreed: it’s time for the Fair Elections Now Act. Learn more at [Yes, I added the emphasis and the word “coached”]

The one random dude in the video who emphatically endorses the bill is unidentified, and only gosh knows what he actually stands for ― or how well he understands H.R.1826.

CNN notes that H.R.1826 has the support of 164 members of Congress, including two Republicans. The two Republicans are Walter Jones, a Republican who has received some of the lowest ACU ratings of any Republican from the South (in 2008 he received a 58), and Mike Castle, a liberal who was fired earlier this week by the GOP voters of Delaware.

H.R.1826 is a bill from the left wing’s statist fringe. To claim Tea Party support is ludicrous and nearly libelous. CNN and all the other organizations that are promoting this bill under the Tea Party banner have discredited themselves.

It’s a testament to the power of the Tea Party that progressives are fraudulently trying to glom on to the grassroots movement, but how can progressives ally themselves with a bunch of angry, aging, racist hicks?


CNN Advocates Internet Censorship

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

CNN anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts believe there should be an internet “gate keeper” to regulate the content of material posted on “anonymous” blogs.

While both acknowledged the “mixed blessing of the internet” the also agreed that a crackdown on internet bloggers would be desirable.

John Roberts said “There are so many great things that the internet does and as to offer, but at the same time Kyra, s you know, there is a dark side.”

There is going to be a point in time where these people have to be held accountable” Kyra said. How about all those bloggers that blog anonymously? They say rotten things about people and they’rs actually given credibility, which is crazy. They’rs a bunch of cowards, they’re just people seeking attention.

Fail! What dear Kyra and Mr. John fail to recognize is that the constitution guarantees the right to free speech and press. Particularly politically offensive speech, even when the accuracy  of said speech may be in question.the founders realized that to limit the flow of information and opinion, even when offensive was a direct threat to the republic they had fought to enshrine in America.

They also fail (naturally) to recognize that independent bloggers of all political beliefs and allegiance often report the news and opinions the major media outlets fail to provide the American people. Whether they wish to accept it or not this is a good thing and in sync with the founding principals.

Certainly there will occasionally be shoddy, even yellow journalism, as was the case with Andrew Breitbart’s release of an edited tape of Shirley Sherrod speaking at the NAACP. While Breitbart is most often correct in his analysis he sadly failed to verify the accuracy of the edited video he was given. This is shoddy journalism at best and deserves the criticism it is getting.

However, to respond to this incident by calling for what is essentially selective censorship is unjustified and goes against the grain of our constitutional liberties. We are guaranteed the right to express our views, even when they might be wrong. That is what a democratic republic is founded on. Freedom of speech and press, regardless if it offends someone.

While what Ms. Phillips and Mr. Roberts espouse may sound reasonable on the surface, it is the gateway to government censorship of news content and popular and public opinion. It is the agenda of the progressive collectivists, it is about controlling speech and press, and it is about controlling what Americans see and hear.

Make no mistake, it is about your very liberties to hear, read, and think independently that is at sake. Only by insisting on your constitutional rights will we remain a free democratic republic. Those who think like Phillips and Roberts present perhaps the greatest threat to our liberties.

Following is the discussion between Phillips and Roberts.

More discussion at News BustersNo Sheeples Here, and Pajama Media.

Cross posted a Rational Nation USA.

CNN Ratings: “At Least Dozens Now Watch CNN, Perhaps Hundreds”

by the Left Coast Rebel

Remember this report from Sunday?:

Americans aren’t stupid. Just as new polling today shows that a majority of Americans think that Obamacare is not what it was billed to be and ‘far too expensive’ for the nation, CNN-eyeballs numbers are cirlcling the drain. Americans aren’t stupid:

CNN continued what has become a precipitous decline in ratings for its prime-time programs in the first quarter of 2010, with its main hosts losing almost half their viewers in a year.
Hah! Half the viewership in prime time rode off into the sunset. I wonder if it is liberal bias that is responsible? Or is it that + incompetency, boring content and a tired template?

Also, it is no wonder that the liberal nutroots is so vivtriolic these days – they’re dropping like flies so the few left have to take up the slack!

Via Memeorandum

CNN Highlights Leftist Radical Stacey Hopkins in Pro-Coffee Party Piece: Coffee Party Obama Astroturfers UPDATED Tony Anderson/Van Jones Link

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor’s note) Scroll for Updates, Scroll to Update 5 for Van Jones connection
(Correction) Stacy Hopkins with ACORN Properties is not the Atlanta chapter Coffee Party Stacy Hopkins.

Right now at Memeorandum there are dueling headlines. One is a hit piece from Politico on the Christian right infighting over the ‘libertarian streak’ in the tea party movement. Jim Hoft at Gateway points out that the ‘evangelist’ that Politico references for it’s tea party hit piece is actually an Obama supporter. Oops. Thanks for finding that gem, Jim.

The other Memeorandum thread is a glowing Coffee Party article (on the heels of Saturday’s big Coffee Party event):

cnn coffee party piece2

The usual press memes are intact in this CNN piece, that the Coffee Party was started as a grass roots effort:

Meet these members of the Coffee Party Movement, an organically grown, freshly brewed push that’s marking its official kickoff Saturday….They’re professionals, musicians and housewives. They’re frustrated liberal activists, disheartened conservatives and political newborns. They’re young and old, rich and poor, black, white and all shades of other.

Sounds nice, right? CNN goes on then to profile several members of the Atlanta Coffee Party in Atlanta. John Purser, (who claims to have never been an activist before), Alex Oxford (a young ‘fiscal conservative’ who is gay), Darlene Jones-Owens (disillusioned Obama fan), Tony Anderson, (first cousin of Rosa Parks) and Stacey Hopkins (stay at home mother
the coordinator of the Atlanta, Georgia Coffee Party chapter).

CNN put more focus on Stacey Hopkins (pictured at right from her blog), so I will start out by dissecting her information trail on the net. CNN paints a very nice picture of her as essentially someone that thinks the nation’s ‘work is not being done’ because of a ‘stifling’ Congress (whatever that means) among other things. She doesn’t even sound overtly political – pleasant, nice, unassuming. Perhaps like a neighbor that you may have.

C-Gen and I did some digging however and you might be surprised with what we found (actually, if you read this blog regularly, you will not be surprised). As was the case with Annabel Park, a few simple google queries (that CNN didn’t seem able to do) provided some amazing information. I hit the treasure-trove of Obama Astroturfing from her blog, Political Voices of Women/Stacy Hopkins:

Essentially Stacey Hopkin’s blog is just a forum wherein she has posted videos and graphics. There’s a lot of Obama stuff like this graphic:

And videos like this:

Obama astroturf? Perhaps. But then again, I have seen this ‘progress’ sign around, bumper stickers, who knows? For the real meat and potatoes I went to Stacey Hopkins, Mrs. concerned non-political citizen and Atlanta, Georgia Coffee Party gal‘s photo page for her blog. I found these little treasures – rabid, marxist/leninist anti-capitalist treasures:



See the theme here? And these things point to the person that is Stacey Hopkins, the CNN rosy-profiled, Coffee Party organizer (I mean, anti-capitalist extremist, oops, my bad). Does the press not even have access to Google? Are they simply just so ideologically bent and lazy? To think, Stacey Hopkins is only one of 5 people profiled in the CNN article. I found this information in one hour!

C-Gen, working behind the scenes for the Left Coast Rebel was also able to discover a myriad of lurid details on this single individual in an hour or so. He sent me her blog, which I focused on here. He also found a strange rant from Stacey Hopkins regarding Al Sharpton getting cut from the radio in her area (the link isn’t working for me so I will validate this later). He found a Stacy G. Hopkins that works for Acorn Properties out of Ball Ground, GA – not sure where that leads other than the name ‘Acorn’. Also, I am not sure that it is the same ‘Stacey Hopkins’ from above. What do you think? Imagine if I spent a day digging up information on these Coffee Party people?


Instalanche! Thanks Professor Reynolds! Welcome, new readers! Check back in later at the Left Coast Rebel for more updates. ConfederateYankee links too, thanks! Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit links as well, thanks!

Update x2:

Mr. Fiscal Conservative Alex Oxford is a big time gay rights activist. Just two questions. Five liberals at this Coffee Party chapter? I thought the movement was supposed to be large? Four out of five are “left wing activists.” This is the very definition of grassroots, eh? Mr. Fiscal Conservative Alex Oxford Coffee Party guy at the Atlanta LGBT rally. Note that at 2:40 on the Youtube dial, Alex Oxford mentions ‘radical events coming up, in terms of civil disobedience‘:

So Coffee Party grassroots support ‘radical events and civil disobedience’? I thought that the Coffee Party was just a way for dissafected, normal folks to get together and talk about ‘solutions’ for ‘problems’?

Update x3:

Radio Syndication Talk
had an interesting discussion regarding the Rev. Al Sharpton’s show being cut in Atlanta. A commenter named Stacey Hopkins, age 46, (same age as Washington Post reports) living in Atlanta had a few words to say about it. According to the commenter Hopkins 7th comment down, Screenshot:

hopkins sharpton

I’ve been catching their shows on the web (thank God for the internet) but something in the milk ain’t clean on this one, folks.

I’m 46 yeard old and have never been contacted by Arbitron, Nielson or any of the other companies that do marketing surveys, who are they contacting for their numbers? I can do an unofficial consensus of my neighborhood and the listeners ARE there.

Sounds to me like someone wants to keep the Black community in the dark, the question is whom and why?

Is this a conspiracy theory from the left? I thought that was what Tea Parties are about. Coffee Parties are not supposed to be attended by these sorts of folks.

Update x4:

American thinker found that the Coffee Party is back in part by Soros’ Open Society Institute. Just can’t figure out how the author comes to the conclusion that Coffee Party is not AstroTurf. Activists can be activists, but claiming grassroots when you are being backed by consultants. That’s the definition of AstroTurf. I looked it up.

Update x5:

Reader John Gilbert sent the Left Coast Rebel one hell of a tip. Tony Anderson from today was profiled by CNN rather glowingly:

His great-grandmother’s first cousin was the legendary civil rights activist Rosa Parks, whom he grew up calling “Aunt Rosa.” The 27-year-old social entrepreneur and nonprofit consultant works in sustainability. While a political philosophy major at Morehouse College in Atlanta, he started the Let’s Raise a Million Project, which set out to bring low-income black communities into the green movement one compact fluorescent light bulb at a time.

Sounds like a great guy! My gut told me otherwise. After I read this I instantly thought of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, as per emphasized above. My instincts prove correct (as they usually do with Obama’s minions as they are ludicrously predictable). Tony Anderson is intimately involved with Van Jones. Literally. Screenshot from Let’s Raise a Million that proves just that:

Tony Anderson edited

As you can clearly see here (and since we can read and do minimal research, unlike CNN), Tony Anderson is listed as a recent graduate of Morehouse College, just as CNN wrote. Also clearly stated and coincidentally left out of the CNN piece today – Tony Anderson is a protege of Van Jones!

Can you imagine that CNN would point to this guy as a mainstream, grassroots Coffee Party alternative to the Tea Party teabagger movement? To think that they would ‘randomly’ highlight a protege of communist former Obama White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones! I can’t make this stuff up. Is the American press really this corrupt? Answer – Yes.

I think I have a new word for these people – Coffeebaggers.

On that note, Grandpa John worked his way into the secret inner-bowels of CNN and found the actual Coffee Party gathering. Of Coffeebaggers:

Meet the Coffee Party People

Go here for more updates….

Tiger Woods Apology Video Youtube: Do you Think the Tiger Woods Apology Video Actually Increases the Controversy?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I heard the gist of Tiger Woods ‘apology’ today during my commute. Not having access to the Tiger Woods apology video until now, and not knowing if we really should even care anyway – I thought that I would put it out there. To be honest, I think that he comes off as a schmuck – too late for this ‘apology’ affair. If anything it makes this whole stupid media-saturated ordeal more ‘sticky’ again.

Here’s the Tiger Woods apology video and since I haven’t blogged on this for months, don’t send me any hate mail and tell me that I have gone all ‘celeb gossip’ on you. For the political angle on this Tiger Woods stuff that everyone wishes would go away – did anyone see today that RINO Tim Pawlenty (the guy that the GOP establishment is trying to pawn on us) compared the Obama administration to Tiger Woods and voters to his scorned wife? Hmm, I actually kind of like that.

Profile of a Narcissist: Through the Mouth of Michelle Obama We Find that Obama is Irked and Ticked Off at the American People (Surprised?)

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Chicago (Crony) Tribune has an article up pertaining to Michelle Obama’s appearance on Larry King’s show. Apparently the White House now has her running around to carry the water and torch for the flailing Obamanation, we haven’t seen this before, have we? The real question, however, is this. Does Michelle Obama’s description of Obama in her interview relate to a man that is cool, confident, and certain of himself? Or does it paint the picture of an elitist, a man that has never been told ‘no’, a narcissistic personality of the highest order? Or worse? Is it Presidential? You tell me. Here is part of the exchange between Michelle Obama and the Lizard King:

“You know, he doesn’t get down easily,” the first lady said in an interview with CNN’s Larry King aired last night. “He gets very focused and very serious… when he’s facing a challenge. But, you know, the thing about Barack is that he stays humble and keeps things in perspective. (ok, so this sounds fine)

“I mean the challenges that he faces or has faced over this year are not what irk him,” she said. “It’s really, you know, our inability to solve basic fundamental problems facing the American people...” (what if the belief system of the American people, the essence of America ‘irks’ him?)

Now we come to the gist of the issue here between Michelle Obama and Larry King. Presidential? I’ll leave it up to you:

Laryy King – Does Obama ever get mad?

Michelle Obama – “Oh, yes.”

Larry King – Angry?

Michelle Obama – “Oh absolutely…”

Larry King – Ticked off?

Michelle Obama – “Oh, yes,” his wife said. “Yes, he’s human. You know, if you prick him, he’ll bleed.”

What a man, I’ll tell you – I fear for the country. Essentially what ‘irks’ and ‘ticks off’ the Obamanation is the will and desire of the American people. The desire of the Tea Party crowd that is against his will. The same Tea Party crowd, the independent, moderates and conservatives that are against the debt, the deficits, the ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ mentality. They are against brass knuckle Chicago politics. How can he get around that? He can govern against the will of the American people all day but I don’t think that we have even seen the tip of the iceberg with how irked and ticked off Americans are at him, Washington and the threat to America and their way of life that Obama and Washington represent.

via Memeorandum

Cable Political Show Ratings Vs. The Arrogance of Leadership

by the Left Coast Rebel

Now this one is interesting folks. Last night when the procedural vote was a done deal as they say, Susannah from Politics and Religion sent me a link to a post at her site. The post is simple and although not directly timed to the Obamacare vote, it simply points to the massive chasm between mainstream red-blooded America and the leadership that we currently have. Particularly the most arrogant and corrupt side of that ‘leadership’ — Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, a man who by all accounts should literally be behind bars.

American weekly eyeballs —



FOX NEWS BECK 2,730,000

FOX NEWS BAIER 2,359,000

FOX NEWS GRETA 2,113,000

FOX NEWS SHEP 2,078,000


CNN HN GRACE 1,018,000

CNN KING 980,000



CNN COOPER 585,000

A vote of eyeballs. Now Washington, the powers that be; the PMSNBC, CNN crowd ruling us by corruption — the personification of Murtha:

Any questions?

h/t Politics and Religion

Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN

by the Left Coast Rebel

This just broke this evening and apparently today was his last show. It’s true, Lou Dobbs is quitting and/or leaving CNN. I searched high and low and came across a lot of ambiguous information on just why Dobbs is quitting the network. Some say that the left-wing jihad against him, culminating with his house getting shot up had something to do with it. I’m hearing rumours as well that he may be heading to Fox. Disclaimer : I’m not a Dobbs viewer but respect his views on several topics.

Also, it sure would be interesting to have a Beck/Dobbs lineup, back to back on Fox News. Right? My gut tells me that this may be what is going on here:

Newsbusters has the transcript from his final show here, starting with this :

Tonight I want to turn to a personal note, if I may, and address a matter that has raised some curiosity. This will be my last broadcast here on CNN, where I’ve worked for most of the past 30 years, and where I have many friends and colleagues whom I admire deeply and respect greatly.

He goes on, my favorite part being:

But each of those issues is, in my opinion, informed by our capacity to demonstrate strong resilience of our now weakened capitalist economy and demonstrate the political will to overcome the lack of true representation in Washington, D.C.

Read the rest of the transcript here.
Via Memeorandum

Shot Fired at Lou Dobb’s Home

by the Left Coast Rebel

Not a huge fan of the man but I certainly respect his fervent stand against illegal immigration. I live in ground zero of the debate, as they say. Could that perhaps be a central cause of today’s news concerning Dobbs, via Fox News? Report:

A gunshot was fired at the New Jersey home of CNN’s Lou Dobbs after a series of threatening phone calls earlier this month, the host told listeners on his nationally syndicated radio show…

“They’ve created an atmosphere and they’ve been unrelenting in their propaganda,” Dobbs said in reference to pro-immigration groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the National Council of La Raza and America’s Voice. “Three weeks ago this morning, a shot was fired at my house where I live. My wife was standing out and that followed weeks and weeks of threatening phone calls.”

Dobbs continued, “But this shot was fired with my wife not, I don’t know, 15 feet away, and we had threatening phone calls that I decided not to report because I get threatening phone calls.”

Dobbs, who claimed the “national liberal media” has in part created a hostile environment regarding immigration, said enduring such incidents has become a “way of life” for him.

“It’s become a way of life — the anger, the hate, the vitriol — but it’s taken a different tone where they’ve threatened my wife,” he said Monday. “They’ve now fired a shot at my house while my wife was standing next to the car.

God speed Dobbs, I hope that they catch whomever responsible. We certainly need more in the press like him that are willing to speak against injustice – no matter how politically incorrect it may be to do so.
UPDATE: Think Progress, the radical nutroots-moonbat-Soros site has a video up to shed light on the radicalism of Dobbs and seemingly make him seem to be a ‘nut.’ Funny thing is, I agree with everything he says, how about you?

TP throws out the typical codephrases against Dobbs, anti-immigrant, racist….you’ve heard them all. But the funniest thing is that they particularly try to draw up a picture of Dobb’s paranoia concerning the gunplay at his home. In other words, it’s no big deal and authorities think it might be a hunter.

Do you think folks at TP would be kind towards gunplay aimed at their homes? Really?
Via Memeorandum