CNN Obama Health Care Song

by the Left Coast Rebel

I happened to run across this video late last night over @ Instapundit, another creepy Obama praise song. This time, we turn to children from Ron Clark Academy singing the praises of Obamacare to the tune of Miley Cirus’ “Party in the USA.”

What’s worse, the creepiness of the propagandizing content; children being used like this, on CNN in full daylight no-less……

Or the butchering of a Miley Cirus song, being that Cirus’ butchery-music is CIA waterboarding interrogation-worthy in the first place.

At least it would make me give up enemy secrets.

The next time we have a Reagan-type conservative in office, let’s parade our children out on Fox News and have them sings songs for war-efforts.

Would that turn any heads?


Candle said…

This also proves that left-wing media doesn't actually follow Fox or talk radio. If they did, they'd realize that providing more singing kids isn't at all helpful in diminishing the cult of personality critique of the Obama Manifestation On Earth.

Hazaa Blue-Eyes said…

Wow…. well, at least it attempted to be neutral and didn't say "Those ugly Republicans are blocking our leaders attempts"… I guess?

Still kinda scary though…I saw this on Boortz this morning, although when you clicked on the link, the video had been taken down…

Just a conservative girl said…

This one doesn't bother me as much. It is private school and the kids insist that they wrote the song themselves. Yes CNN putting it on is a little odd, but it isn't the same thing as what happened in NJ. These kids are poor for the most part, they probably have an understanding on thier own what this debate is about. They may have families members who are not insured.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Candle – Indeed, it really does prove that, great point.

@ Hazaa – It is scary.

@ Just a Conservative – Don't you agree that it is still disturbing though? BTW, linked you on the HC post, great activism points.

Just a conservative girl said…

I am a little torn on this. I do believe in freedom of expression. So, if it is true that these kids wrote this themselves and it is not being paid for with tax payer dollars than I don't have a problem with it. The only issue I would have with it would be if the kids were forced into singing it. Then it would be an issue for me. These kids are old enough to understand not having medical insurance and what it means to their lives, and chances are some of these kids have had first hand experience with it. CNN playing it is weird.

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