CNN Highlights Leftist Radical Stacey Hopkins in Pro-Coffee Party Piece: Coffee Party Obama Astroturfers UPDATED Tony Anderson/Van Jones Link

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor’s note) Scroll for Updates, Scroll to Update 5 for Van Jones connection
(Correction) Stacy Hopkins with ACORN Properties is not the Atlanta chapter Coffee Party Stacy Hopkins.

Right now at Memeorandum there are dueling headlines. One is a hit piece from Politico on the Christian right infighting over the ‘libertarian streak’ in the tea party movement. Jim Hoft at Gateway points out that the ‘evangelist’ that Politico references for it’s tea party hit piece is actually an Obama supporter. Oops. Thanks for finding that gem, Jim.

The other Memeorandum thread is a glowing Coffee Party article (on the heels of Saturday’s big Coffee Party event):

cnn coffee party piece2

The usual press memes are intact in this CNN piece, that the Coffee Party was started as a grass roots effort:

Meet these members of the Coffee Party Movement, an organically grown, freshly brewed push that’s marking its official kickoff Saturday….They’re professionals, musicians and housewives. They’re frustrated liberal activists, disheartened conservatives and political newborns. They’re young and old, rich and poor, black, white and all shades of other.

Sounds nice, right? CNN goes on then to profile several members of the Atlanta Coffee Party in Atlanta. John Purser, (who claims to have never been an activist before), Alex Oxford (a young ‘fiscal conservative’ who is gay), Darlene Jones-Owens (disillusioned Obama fan), Tony Anderson, (first cousin of Rosa Parks) and Stacey Hopkins (stay at home mother
the coordinator of the Atlanta, Georgia Coffee Party chapter).

CNN put more focus on Stacey Hopkins (pictured at right from her blog), so I will start out by dissecting her information trail on the net. CNN paints a very nice picture of her as essentially someone that thinks the nation’s ‘work is not being done’ because of a ‘stifling’ Congress (whatever that means) among other things. She doesn’t even sound overtly political – pleasant, nice, unassuming. Perhaps like a neighbor that you may have.

C-Gen and I did some digging however and you might be surprised with what we found (actually, if you read this blog regularly, you will not be surprised). As was the case with Annabel Park, a few simple google queries (that CNN didn’t seem able to do) provided some amazing information. I hit the treasure-trove of Obama Astroturfing from her blog, Political Voices of Women/Stacy Hopkins:

Essentially Stacey Hopkin’s blog is just a forum wherein she has posted videos and graphics. There’s a lot of Obama stuff like this graphic:

And videos like this:

Obama astroturf? Perhaps. But then again, I have seen this ‘progress’ sign around, bumper stickers, who knows? For the real meat and potatoes I went to Stacey Hopkins, Mrs. concerned non-political citizen and Atlanta, Georgia Coffee Party gal‘s photo page for her blog. I found these little treasures – rabid, marxist/leninist anti-capitalist treasures:



See the theme here? And these things point to the person that is Stacey Hopkins, the CNN rosy-profiled, Coffee Party organizer (I mean, anti-capitalist extremist, oops, my bad). Does the press not even have access to Google? Are they simply just so ideologically bent and lazy? To think, Stacey Hopkins is only one of 5 people profiled in the CNN article. I found this information in one hour!

C-Gen, working behind the scenes for the Left Coast Rebel was also able to discover a myriad of lurid details on this single individual in an hour or so. He sent me her blog, which I focused on here. He also found a strange rant from Stacey Hopkins regarding Al Sharpton getting cut from the radio in her area (the link isn’t working for me so I will validate this later). He found a Stacy G. Hopkins that works for Acorn Properties out of Ball Ground, GA – not sure where that leads other than the name ‘Acorn’. Also, I am not sure that it is the same ‘Stacey Hopkins’ from above. What do you think? Imagine if I spent a day digging up information on these Coffee Party people?


Instalanche! Thanks Professor Reynolds! Welcome, new readers! Check back in later at the Left Coast Rebel for more updates. ConfederateYankee links too, thanks! Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit links as well, thanks!

Update x2:

Mr. Fiscal Conservative Alex Oxford is a big time gay rights activist. Just two questions. Five liberals at this Coffee Party chapter? I thought the movement was supposed to be large? Four out of five are “left wing activists.” This is the very definition of grassroots, eh? Mr. Fiscal Conservative Alex Oxford Coffee Party guy at the Atlanta LGBT rally. Note that at 2:40 on the Youtube dial, Alex Oxford mentions ‘radical events coming up, in terms of civil disobedience‘:

So Coffee Party grassroots support ‘radical events and civil disobedience’? I thought that the Coffee Party was just a way for dissafected, normal folks to get together and talk about ‘solutions’ for ‘problems’?

Update x3:

Radio Syndication Talk
had an interesting discussion regarding the Rev. Al Sharpton’s show being cut in Atlanta. A commenter named Stacey Hopkins, age 46, (same age as Washington Post reports) living in Atlanta had a few words to say about it. According to the commenter Hopkins 7th comment down, Screenshot:

hopkins sharpton

I’ve been catching their shows on the web (thank God for the internet) but something in the milk ain’t clean on this one, folks.

I’m 46 yeard old and have never been contacted by Arbitron, Nielson or any of the other companies that do marketing surveys, who are they contacting for their numbers? I can do an unofficial consensus of my neighborhood and the listeners ARE there.

Sounds to me like someone wants to keep the Black community in the dark, the question is whom and why?

Is this a conspiracy theory from the left? I thought that was what Tea Parties are about. Coffee Parties are not supposed to be attended by these sorts of folks.

Update x4:

American thinker found that the Coffee Party is back in part by Soros’ Open Society Institute. Just can’t figure out how the author comes to the conclusion that Coffee Party is not AstroTurf. Activists can be activists, but claiming grassroots when you are being backed by consultants. That’s the definition of AstroTurf. I looked it up.

Update x5:

Reader John Gilbert sent the Left Coast Rebel one hell of a tip. Tony Anderson from today was profiled by CNN rather glowingly:

His great-grandmother’s first cousin was the legendary civil rights activist Rosa Parks, whom he grew up calling “Aunt Rosa.” The 27-year-old social entrepreneur and nonprofit consultant works in sustainability. While a political philosophy major at Morehouse College in Atlanta, he started the Let’s Raise a Million Project, which set out to bring low-income black communities into the green movement one compact fluorescent light bulb at a time.

Sounds like a great guy! My gut told me otherwise. After I read this I instantly thought of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, as per emphasized above. My instincts prove correct (as they usually do with Obama’s minions as they are ludicrously predictable). Tony Anderson is intimately involved with Van Jones. Literally. Screenshot from Let’s Raise a Million that proves just that:

Tony Anderson edited

As you can clearly see here (and since we can read and do minimal research, unlike CNN), Tony Anderson is listed as a recent graduate of Morehouse College, just as CNN wrote. Also clearly stated and coincidentally left out of the CNN piece today – Tony Anderson is a protege of Van Jones!

Can you imagine that CNN would point to this guy as a mainstream, grassroots Coffee Party alternative to the Tea Party teabagger movement? To think that they would ‘randomly’ highlight a protege of communist former Obama White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones! I can’t make this stuff up. Is the American press really this corrupt? Answer – Yes.

I think I have a new word for these people – Coffeebaggers.

On that note, Grandpa John worked his way into the secret inner-bowels of CNN and found the actual Coffee Party gathering. Of Coffeebaggers:

Meet the Coffee Party People

Go here for more updates….


  1. It's obvious that this sort of work is best left to Professional Journalists! They would tell us if it was fit to be news or not! We can't leave Bloggers to do actual REPORTING!


  2. Shouldn't it be Coffee Klatsch – not "Party"? Or does that give-away its Euro-Marxist roots too easily?

  3. Catch a glimpse of the 3/7 Tea Party get-together in Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area)


  4. might wanna let Allah at Hotair know you've already destroyed these turfers

  5. In my book, there's no excuse why a journalist could not have done the kind of background digging that you did to balance the story. I guess there's no way of knowing for sure just how much journalistic malpractice results from deliberately witholding of facts to fit the desired narrative or simply laziness. It may also be a sign of immaturity: no depth of experience to temper the excitement that journalists feel after discovering something that supports their lefty worldview (see, I told you so). That, or poor standards taught in today's journalism school (if it feels right, print it).

  6. One thing is certain.

    Ms. Hopkins will never sleep with Tiger Woods.

  7. Left Coast Rebel:
    "As was the case with Annabel Park, a few simple google queries (that CNN didn't seem able to do) provided some amazing information. "

    Just to be fair about it, in light of what must be the parlous financial state of affairs at that network, whose viewership ratings are swirling around at the bottom of the cable news bowl, it is entirely possible that the reporters did not have enough access time on the two or three computers there that still have internet access…

  8. and what makes you think that the news readers at
    CNN are journalists?

  9. Coffee Party USA???
    What about Communist Party USA?????
    CPUSA, GO FIGURE!!!@#$%%!

  10. To "president" BHO, BOLSHEVIK????
    It takes ONE to know ONE, Riiight???

  11. Stop blogging and start marching. Liberalism is a disease which must be eradicated. Contitutionalism is the cure. Act now – save your country. Join others – there is strength in numbers. Liberals are OUTNUMBERED. Your vote and your optinions really do count.

  12. The people in the first picture are all white. Coffee party people are racists.

  13. Let’s not kid ourselves into believing that the media propagangsters are lazy or under time constraints. What they do is all by design.

  14. LCR, I saw the link to you from Gateway Pundit. Excellent piece. Well done!

  15. I loved the picture most. They're so ugly! It's like they're caricatures of normal people. The woodsy guy who probably makes a fine living off a job at the forest department, or else off tax rebates for installing solar panels on rich guilt-ridden people's roofs. The mock-turtleneck wearing state college professor type who loves to hand out pithy remarks at faculty cocktail parties and maybe has a hobby drawing with pencil. The slightly overweight, overly happy mother of three and special ed teacher who just can't wait to tell you why your your choices are selfishly destroying the education system she, uh, we hold dear. And the ambiguously gendered lobbyist or lawyer who… you guessed it… makes her living by taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor… but not before she takes her part for her contribution to social justice, of course. I can see how denial that our beloved state is running out of other people's money would breed a deep vein of denial in this crew.

  16. Here's another picture of a Coffee Party that perhaps you could identify some of the participants.

  17. Brilliant Work! Thanks for the information. I'm going to have an enormous amount of fun poking at the coffee-baggers in my neighborhood… at it starts in my own house. I LOVE IT!!! (and the Tea Party)

  18. Since the Coffee Grounds Party isn't real, it won't last. Nothing the looney left leaning lieberals (sic) do is real and has sustaining power.

  19. In my hometown, where literally THOUSANDS of folks gathered for a Tea Party when given a 24 hour notice…a total of..

    ..wait for it…

    **14** people are signed up for the Coffee Party at 2:00. **9** people are signed up for later in the afternoon, and **1** is signed up for 7:00.

    That's a total of 24, folks.

    Someone, quick, call the AP. Huge news day.

  20. How dare you call it astroturf? It's "organically grown." CNN said so!

  21. I keep expecting to see Juan Valdez wearing a "Chavez Red" Serape, leading the Democrats mascot carrying a sack of Coffee Beans….. But then, I do have a good imagination.


    More proof that Stacey Hopkins is a liberal dimmocrat!

  23. Great job. I think i prefer the term 'coffee stains' for this group …

  24. It is quite easy to sit and drink a coffee with like minded people, and avoid conflict. The problems arise when people try to actually get something accomplished, and are smeared and/or ignored and attacked for their actions.

    From the VERY first week the Tea Party/Porkulus people were when they weren't being ignored, were smeared as racist etc. From the very first week!

    One of the very first tea parties was in Seattle and there was NOTHING angry, or hostile about them. The media, the little that actually covered it, smeared them.

    This smear job, and negative press, and the out right attacks on them is what drove the anger and outbursts. It also attracted some of the loons and the intentional Kos kids in disguise with their lunatic signs, etc, that created all the massive negativity.

    The Coffee Stains can sit back, at their five people meetings, and say they are for "civility" but any time someone questions them, they react with hostility (on Facebook), call them trolls, and block them. The comments are FULL of people trashing Conservatives, Republicans or "tea baggers" Under the same exact circumstance they would NOT maintain their "civility". Absolutely not. They can't even handle a couple of guys on FB debating them…

    And so far, what are they even trying to accomplish? They are sitting around with like-minds drinking coffee… wow, and they are civil!! haha

    They claim to be upset with the Government – like the tea party peeps. But they are heralded as the second coming (sound familiar?) and are granted all kinds of flattering press, solely because they are liberal/Obama supporters.

    Perhaps instead of trashing Tea Partiers, they should reflect on how they and the media, and the WH have done everything they can to trash them, when all they have tried to do is exactly what the Coffee Party people are trying to do – express themselves about their frustrations with Washington!!

    This site was one of the first tea partiers, and you can read how this all rolled out, and how soon the attacks came.

  25. Another great expose` for you Tim. Keep up the good work.

  26. Astroturf funded by George Soros, see

  27. "Coffee party". This is their big counter? Bwahahaha! Commies…

  28. The hopkins gal and the coffee party is nothing more than a new package for the same old hype and lies. Good job of ferreting out the truth.

  29. ASTROTRUF and can't even come up with an original name. Bought and paid for by Soros and Obama. Just like most of the bloggers who do pro Obama stories. Unemployment is nearly 25% if you include those who have given up and closer to 30% if ypou count those who work part time instead of full time like they used to. It was 6% when he took office and e erything he does is costing more jobs. Just wait this Obamacare passes and we will see part time employment disappear along with another 5% unemployed on top of that. We are being run by a bunch of communists. Open your eyes America.

  30. This latest Soros-funded "astroturf" group only heightens the long-standing peripheral yet roundabout connection between coffee and Communism – and between coffee and radical leftist politics in general. Let us not forget that the plans for the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia were laid out in coffeehouses all around Europe by Lenin and Trotsky. Not to mention all those with "Peace" and "No War for Oil" etc., etc., stickers emblazoned all over them, their notebooks and their various possessions at various Starbucks during the prior administration.

  31. lol @ right wing news group freaking out over me promoting civil disobedience for gay rights. Civil disobedience is the way we GET change in this country- african ameriacn rights, women's rights, gay rights etc. Its my legal right to beak the law should i so desire. -alex oxford


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