CNN Bias, Saturday Night Live Skit, Sarah Palin and No Sheeples Here

by the Left Coast Rebel

So recall the SNL skit that I put up here on the site recently. Well No Sheeples Here is pointing us to a CNN fact-finding segment in response to the SNL skit. Did CNN ever do this for Sarah Palin and the myriad spoofs/attacks on her appearance, character, integrity? Watch this and key in especially at the 2:50 point for your answer.

CNN – “The Obama sketch won’t resonate as much with the audience as comic Tina Fey’s dead on impersonation of……Sarah Palin.”

Is there any question as to why we hate the media so much?

Super-blogger No Sheeples Here as well has a new Youtube channel up and running, she emailed me to tip readers on it. Inspired by the SNL skit, she just came up with this –

The Great Divider Accomplishes Nothing

Oh and oh yah, her new Youtube channel is called Definite Opinion and if her content is going to be as good as the video above, (and all of her graphic work), we are in for a treat…..

Via. Memeorandum
h/t No Sheeples Here
Via. Hotair


Writer X said…

I wasn't aware that CNN had any audience left.

Candle said…

I hope this video stays up – youtube is removing all the NBC videos that get put up. I had to link directly to their stupid site just to embed it on my page.

Opus #6 said…

They, CNN, are the joke. What a bunch of fools. Take your lumps like a man, I say. Sarah has more grace in her little finger than all the guys at CNN put together.

Golfmage said…

Pardon my short attention span. We're asking the same questions!


Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Writer X – They have a few on board, the producers, anchors,………

@ Candle – I will make sure it stays here!

@ Opus – Well put!

@ Golfmage – Great minds think alike my friend.

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