Climatgate, Copenhagen, Global Warming: Are Polar Bears Dying?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Polar Bears aren’t dying and Americans aren’t buying.

Global warming hysteria, that is. Rasmussen has a new poll out today showing that public skepticism over global warming has reached an all-time high. 50% of likely voters now believe that global warming is caused by long-term planetary trends. Deniers! Oh the humanity!

Just 34% say climate change is caused by human activity, 10% don’t know and 6% blame other factors. Now get this, ideas and truth are on our side, the climate gate scandal has made massive inroads into the public psyche. Gallup shows that in April of 2008 nearly 50% blamed human activity for global warming and only 34% named planetary trends.

Worthy of note to I is that this polling trend parallels health care ‘reform’ as well. Aren’t the numbers now nearly identical? America is not buying into the statist transformative agenda. Now get this, note that these are the top issues of the Obamanation as well. I think that when the dust settles this man’s polling numbers will be in the 30s as well. I’ll bet you $100 on that.

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UPDATE: LCR reader and super-blogger Clay at BBCW tipped me on a post that he wrote on the same topic as my post. He makes some brilliant points:

As I was finishing my degree at Missouri State University, I studied the art of rhetorical skill. My studies would lead me to question the global warming debate beyond what I had heard on my AM dial. It seemed like the perfect way to challenge the liberal classroom establishment in one final showdown….I decided to stay away from liberals like Al Gore. He profits from global warming, and I know not to trust him. He’s a politician, not a scientist, and not worth bringing up in the debate.

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  2. @ Ran – Linked belatedly, thanks for the reminder!

    @ BB – I love your post and agree totally. I will link to it.


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