Polar Bear Hangover: Climategate, Global Warming Skepticism: Follow the Money Trail, all 4 Trillion Euros of it

by the Left Coast Rebel

One thing that I have noticed lately is the ascension of tone from the chicken little climate change/global warming crowd. Almost any time that I poke fun at the Eas Coast being buried in snow or the daily news that comes out, I get inundated with chicken little trolls that throw every name in the book at me here at the Left Coast Rebel. I don’t publish them so I am sure that you are not aware, here are a few that I have in my blogger comment moderation dashboard (call them my specimens) –

As you can sense, even the trolls that frequent my medium-sized site are grasping for air, attention, straws. I love #2 here doing a number two – you do realize that global warming is actually an increase in the variablity of temperature both hot and cold…..right? Oh brother. I wonder if this is actually Al Gore behind the scenes sending out a robo-blog chain comment. Polar Bear Hangover – check.

Big Journalism has a great post up today that essentially nails why I am seeing this new tone from the alarmist crowd. It’s all in the money – and they are afraid that the house of card (cash) is crumbling down right in front of them:

There’s a question oft-posed by the proponents of global warming… or of “climate change,” as the new term of art has it, thus allowing warmists to claim both the snowstorm now blanketing America’s East Coast, as well as the melting of that snow, as evidence for their theory.There’s Nobel Laureate Al Gore for one, who is on track to become the first green billionaire…

Then, at the UN there is the organization that shared Gore’s Nobel Prize, the IPCC, and its controversial director Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, a railway engineer with no back ground in climate science who lives what has been described as a lavish lifestyle in Delhi.

The Big Journalism piece points us then to a European investment firm (call it a scheme) that is actively involved with the global warming agenda and propaganda propagation. This firm controls/manages 4 trillion (euros). Like anything, follow the money trail – billionaire (soon to be) Al Gore, railway engineer Rajendra Pachauri (who lives on the alarmist dime quite lavishly), and entire media/government complex has a lot of money on the line. I wonder how many of the trolls here at LCR are motivated by the $$$?

Read the rest at Big Journalism here. Discussion via Memeorandum here.


Bungalow Bill said…

I beleive I learned in my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, grade and so on science classes that CO2 was a neccessary gas for life on earth, and you would have been laughted out of the class room for suggesting it was dangerous.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ BB – Yes, but most didn't learn in the 4th grade to think critically, question authority and their govt…..

History Chasers said…

Great blog!!! I'm giving you a link on my blog roll.


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