Christine O’Donnell’s Openly Lesbian Sister Jean O’Donnell: “She’s Homophobic? You Gotta Laugh”

by the Left Coast Rebel

I can’t believe I missed this a few days ago.

Why is it that we have to venture thousands of miles away from the vicious, leftist, government-media complex to read something that incredibly disproves the web of lies weaved to destroy one person?

Christine O’Donnell has a sister. Her sister is openly gay. Her sister says that she is hardly the wild-eyed gay hater believed.

Meet Jean O’Donnell (at left):
UK’s Guardian has the news then that shatters the liberal lies of “crazy”, “wingnut”, “wild-eyed-homophobe”:

Christine O’Donnell’s openly gay sister, Jean O’Donnell, says the accusations that her sister is homophobic are “laughable.”

After Tuesday’s primary, Jean O’Donnell wrote on her Facebook page: “… thank you for your love, prayers, good humor and support of my sister, no matter what lies were made up about her … oh … PS, have you heard the latest? She’s homophobic … gotta laugh.”


But then again, it is just Christine O’Donnell’s lesbian sister talking here. And we know she has no credibility stacked against the entire character-assassinator-cabal.

Do you think Jean O’Donnell will be invited onto any of the mainstream news shows?

How about the New York Times?


Updated: Latest smear – “Clearly a Criminal.”


christian soldier said…

It has been my experience as well-
other countries oft times know more about what is going on in the US than we do!!
Thank you for the info about O'Donnell's sister-It gives me information to counter the liberals around me.. here in LA..

Libertarian Advocate said…

Newsweek, TIME, NYT, WaPo, LA Times, ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest of the MSM are all dying slow painful and entirely self-inflicted deaths. Had their managements all demanded that their reporters be professional journalists dedicated to getting out the truth (as best they could) they'd all still have a market niche. Now they just parrot the Dem Party Line, blindly waddling into oblivion, just like the Party elites they obediently serve.

Silverfiddle said…

They'll keep this up all the way through the election. They hate her and must go wilding on her like they do on all conservative christian women who dare to break with the liberal sisterhood.

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