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Newt Gingrich for Vice President?

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There’s a rumor making the rounds that Newt Gingrich is not only on Donald Trump’s short list of VPs, but that he is the favorite. He certainly has been making the rounds of the talking head programs talking up his buddy Trump. Trump could do a lot worse than Newtie. Of course, Newt comes with some baggage that might not set well with some women voters. So, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of a Gingrich vice presidency.

On the plus side, Newt is really smart. He’s formally educated. He’s literate. He’s the anti-Trump in this regard. He was the architect and prime mover behind the Contract with America which gave control of the House of Representatives to Republicans, providing balance to the Clinton profligacy, forcing him to balance the national budget, implementing welfare reforms and any number of good things whose successes Bill Clinton took credit for.

Newt knows the ins and outs of getting things done in Washington. He will surely make mincemeat out of anyone the Democrats can dig up in a VP debate. And Newt is fully qualified to assume the Oval Office if, God forbid, something should ever happen to the president. In his presidential bid in 2012, after standing up against a biased media, there was a time when it looked like Newt might take the lead, but it was short lived.* Newt would have been, IMHO, a better candidate than Mitt.

Now the negatives. Newt is not the best liked of politicians. I mentioned a week or so back that a friend of mine from high school demonstrated a visceral hatred of Newt at the mere mention of his name. She repeated the liberal narrative, that Newt had callously handed his first wife her divorce papers while she was laying a hospital bed, racked with disease. And while I don’t believe the narrative is true, nonetheless, I doubt her disgust of Newt has moderated any over the years.

Then, there’s the question of trade agreements. Newt mentioned just this week that he was the whip that drove NAFTA through the House. Last I heard, NAFTA was still anathema to union guys on the Left. Supposedly there are Bernie voters who talk about gravitating to Trump should Hillary prevail as the Democrat candidate. Now imagine them being asked to hold their nose and vote for a ticket with the father of NAFTA on it? That could prove problematic.

Newt is a brilliant man but he has image problems. Even though in an ideal world that shouldn’t matter, in the United States of Kardashia, JFK trumps a Nixon, Reagan trumps Carter and those guys from Air Force One and Independence Day inspire confidence with their square jawed manliness. Newt looks like the kid who gets his lunch money taken away from him.

Will a ticket of two, old white men prevail over the first woman president and a designated minion to be chosen later? Ya pays your money, ya takes your chances!

*Newt and his wife Callista flew off for a vacation in Hawaii in the wake of a very successful debate, reminiscent of Evelle Younger, who, after debating Jerry Brown during his first California gubernatorial re-election bid, flew off to Hawaii with his wife, while Gov. Moonbeam stayed behind, and took to the airwaves of Sacramento radio stations to lie and misrepresent what Younger had said the night before. Both the Gingrichs and the Youngers came back sun-kissed and kissing their elections goodbye.

Exotic Animals of the 2016 Campaign

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 Seen in its natural habitat on an approach to a George Washington Bridge toll lane
The Chris Crizzlie Bear, Ursus Omniverae Horribilis , is found in New Jersey, ranging from Cape May to Newark. Sometimes mistakenly called “big boned”, the Crizzlie could easily hibernate two winters in a row without breaking a sweat! Population estimates based on hair-snagging, DNA-based inventories, mark-recapture, and a refined multiple regression model put sightings of the Crizzlie as far west as Iowa and as far north as New Hampshire.

The mainland grizzly is widespread, and is representative and archetypal for the whole subspecific group. Even so, classification is being revised along genetic lines. The Crizzlie bear has evidence of rhino DNA in its ancestry.

On interspecies competition, the relationship between Crizzlie bears and other predators is mostly one-sided; after severe storms, however, the Crizzlie has been known to cozy up to such as the Mid Atlantic Weasel, Obamanicus Daemocratus, to mutually scavenge any carrion washed up by the storm.

The Crizzlie is known for its occasional surly interactions with humans. It is best avoided in the wild. In captivity, it is easily distracted with food.

Exotic Animals: Collect the whole set!
Joe Bydena
Donald Trumpetfish
Bernie Panders
Mike Huccameleon

Why conservatives should rally around Chris Christie right now

By Dean L

Really?  Help Chris Christie? Look, I understand that Chris Christie is not our favorite conservative.  And I understand that he is not who we most want to go up against Hillary Clinton in 2016.  I know we all think that she should be beatable by anybody (though that notion will look less and less likely as the media eventually all jump on her bandwagon) in the next presidential election.  And I know that he's exhibited traits of RINOism.  A lot of conservatives are probably feeling relief that his inevitability on the GOP nomination has taken a hit.  Personally, I would prefer at this point he not be the GOP nominee for a number of reasons.  But…

Chris Christie: “If you Like Your Traffic Gridlock, You Can Keep Your Traffic Gridlock”

By Proof

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There are some incriminating emails floating about, according to the NYT: Top Christie Staff Sought to Disrupt Traffic as Revenge.
The mystery of who closed two lanes onto the George Washington Bridge — turning the borough of Fort Lee, N.J., into a parking lot for four days in September — exploded into a full-bore political scandal for Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday, when emails and texts revealed that a top aide had ordered the closings to punish the town’s mayor after he did not endorse the governor for re-election.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy chief of staff to Mr. Christie, emailed David Wildstein, a high school friend of the governor who worked at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs the bridge.

…Mr. Christie denied knowledge of the emails and said his staff was to blame.
Chris Christie is shocked, SHOCKED to hear that his staff misled him and committed petty acts of political revenge against a mayor whose only crime was not endorsing Christie. Fortunately, the Christie campaign bus was nearby with plenty of room under it!

My first impression when I heard this story, was that it was left over from Obama’s government shutdown- just a petty tyrannical bureaucratic thing designed to make people miserable for no apparent reason other than political payback. The kind of thing they do because they could. If it turns out that Christie’s deputy chief of staff was working at his behest, and, really, what motivation would there be for her to pull such a petty and otherwise pointless prank unless she were, then it appears that Christie is cut from the same cloth as the current occupant of the Oval Office…just ever so much more of it!

Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art

Cross posted at Proof Positive

Christie’s RINO ‘genius’

By Dean L

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has managed to anger practically everyone by calling for a special election to replace New Jersey's U.S. senator Frank Lautenberg who passed away this week.  Everyone that is, except his own election team.

Republicans are mad

The right was already mad at Christie for having embraced president Obama in the wake of hurricane Sandy just prior to the 2012 election.  Many see it as having stalled Mitt Romney's momentum as he had gained on, and even surpassed Obama in polling. Of course not everyone on the right was sad to see Romney lose as he had a lot of RINO red flags of his own.  But this was an us versus them election and Christie was sleeping with the enemy.  It wasn't the first red flag for Christie, nor it turns out would it be his last.  Having declined to appoint a Republican to replace Lautenberg until 2014, he gave up a chance to give some Republican a fighting chance in that 2014 election in a very Democratic state.

Handicapping 2016 yet?

By Dean L

It's early.  2016 is a political lifetime away.  But there are already some indications of what might happen in the next presidential election.  True, these indicators should be taken with a block of salt, but it sure looks like certain things will come to pass.  Other things are less clear, and of course nothing is certain this far out from the election. But the 2016 election already has me thinking and so far I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy.

Not my numbers – click for source odds.
In a series of recent polling and news items it looks like it's a fait accompli that Hillary Clinton will be the next Democrat presidential candidate. Others in the race who may have a chance to contend – Cuomo, Biden and Kerry - will all have their work cut out for them. As CNN noted, she's lapping the field. She probably has already locked up New Hampshire. She hasn't said she'll run, she's busy making gobs of cash in different ways. The sort of cash one might need for say a presidential run. She's going to run. I'm not suggesting she has an impressive list of accomplishments but that doesn't matter – the press was able to make a threadbare Obama resume into the greatest guy EVER for audiences. Clinton has no business answering the 3 a.m. call (Benghazi or Bosnia ring a bell?), but it just doesn't matter.  She's the next liberal superstar heir apparent.  She's going to run, and she's going to be the Democratic party's nominee.  She's going to be the press' nominee.

Leadership: Governor Chris Christie Commutes Brian Aitken’s Sentence

by the Left Coast Rebel

We didn’t cover the story here but certainly were aware of it, the case of New Jersey resident Brian Aitken (pictured right) convicted to seven years in prison for the possession of two handguns that he legally purchased in Colorado.

Allahpundit provides some background:

…he’s a cause celebre among libertarians and Second Amendment fans — for good reason. In a nutshell: He bought three guns, entirely legally, when he was living in Colorado and brought them back to New Jersey with him when he moved home to be closer to his son. To make sure he had his i’s dotted and t’s crossed, he called New Jersey police for guidance on how to transport them. He had the guns in the trunk of his car, unloaded and safely locked in a case, and was allegedly en route to his new home in Hoboken when he got a call from New Jersey police asking him to drive to his mother’s home. She had phoned them because she was worried that Aitken was suicidal; when he arrived, the cops arrested him for possessing handguns without a permit.

….whether Aitken was driving home or just driving around with guns is a question of fact, not of law; there’s no reason not to inform the jury of the exemption and let them decide what happened. But then, Morley also didn’t let the jury know that Aitken had called police in advance to make sure he was transporting his guns properly. (For more on the judge, read down to the end of this piece on Aitken to see which ruling led Christie to dump him from the bench.) Left with no grounds to acquit the guy, the jury convicted him of unlawful possession and sentenced him … to seven years in prison. A perfect ending to a perfectly Kafkaesque story.
Today’s news brings a welcome and surprising end to this story of the New Jersey police state prosecution and resulting jailing of Brian Aitken. Governor Chris Christie manned-up and sent Brian home for Christmas:

Brian Aitken, who was convicted of illegally possessing two handguns that he had legally purchased in Colorado, will be spending Christmas out of prison.

Gov. Chris Christie commuted Aitken’s sentence, from seven years to time served, according to an order the governor signed today.

Aitken had appealed to Christie for commutation after being sentenced in August. According to the commutation order, Aitken will be released as “soon administratively possible.”

This is a sign of true gusto and leadership from Governor Christie. It’s too bad that George W. Bush didn’t do the right thing right off the bat in the case of jailed border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, instead commuting their sentences on his last full day in office yet sitting idly by for two years as the two rotted away in prison.

Discussion at Memeorandum

Chris Christe Praises James O’Keefe’s ‘Teachers Unions Gone Wild’

by the Left Coast Rebel

Via. Memeorandum, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie praises James O’Keefe’s new expose, ‘Teachers Unions Gone Wild’:

Gov. Chris Christie comments on ‘teachers unions gone wild’

An excerpt from the transcript, Gov. Christie gives some context on the video:

This is what I’ve been talking about. This is another exhibit as to what I’ve been talking about. The arrogance, the greed, the self-interest, the lack of introspection, the lack of standards.

And it hurts the great teachers just as much as it hurts the kids.

I think that this video makes the distinction better than I ever could. This is their leadership conference where they’re in a hotel, having this leadership conference, singing songs together about kicking the governor in his tool box. I wonder what they mean by that? But I can tell you I sense it would hurt.

Go here to view the James O’Keefe video ‘Teachers Unions Gone Wild’.

Conservative ‘adult’ Entertainment

by the Left Coast Rebel

Don’t let the title scare you. Relax. Turn off the lights.


This video is even better – there aren’t any lamestream reporters in the background to ruin the mood:

The boys at Hillbuzz sum up the Christie phenomenon perfectly:

Honestly, this guy should give seminars to Republicans on how to man-up and deal with crazy people.

When you watch videos of Christie, we want you to do something that you might think sounds silly at first, but we’re serious and real here.

When you watch Chris Christie in action, in a clip like this, we want you to sit back and think about how YOU can be more like him in your OWN lives. Particularly when dealing with YOUR elected officials.

Christie is always professional and, in our opinion, polite to the people he dresses down. But the man knows his stuff, is on his game, and is hyper-confident and aggressive. There is no mousing around issues. He does not let people get away with any garbage. It is The Chris Christie show wherever he goes and we wish conservatives coast to coast were just like this.

Discussion over at Memeorandum.

I Agree with this Obama Bow

by the Left Coast Rebel

It’s not an emperor, or Mid-east king, a communist leader, or even a mayor – for a first.

And it’s not a photoshop:


Hat-tip Weasel Zippers. Paging (or bowing to) Chris Christie. Like I said, it’s not a photoshop:

President Barack Obama laughs as he is greeted by N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, center and Newark Mayor Cory Booker, left, after exiting Air Force One at Newark Liberty International Airport, N.J. , Wednesday, July 28, 2010. The President is in the area to meet local business leaders in Edison, N.J.
SisterToldjah has a great correlating post up today as well, “The rise of the strong Republican Governor.” Two of my favorites are on her hit list as well.

Must Read Column at the Daily Caller: Left Coast Rebel Rings a Bell and Pages Chris Christie

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor’s note: Leslie Eastman wrote on a similar topic as my Daily Caller piece, San Diego “Rulers” Use Boy’s Death for Tax Grab – it’s a must read.)

I have a little bit of news here and some background. C-Gen and I have been bantering back and forth recently, earnestly licking our writing-chops as to how-to-get published at some of the big sites. C-Gen has been on American Thinker twice with great material and we both wanted to ‘break in’ to the Daily Caller to increase our street cred.

After all, the Daily Caller is still on the up-and-up and positioning to be the Puff-Ho (Smitty’s term of endearment) killer of political talk on the net. Wes Messamore from THL (designer of my site and libertarian friend) had just gotten published at the Daily Caller too so the need seemed to be all that more urgent.

I digress, recently C-Gen wrote up a brilliant piece that we were both editing and adding to and got a bit frustrated with the endeavor. From this perspective I awoke early and refreshed and came up with a random thought to write a piece about California for DC that Mrs. LCR had emailed me, in the email she sent the subject line was ”Calling Chris Christie” in reference to the clear need in CA for tough leadership to fight the union-cabal that controls the state. So right off the bat I had at title (that I changed a bit for the Daily Caller) that later changed to “Paging Chris Christie“.

In about an hour and a half I wrote up a fairly decent opinion piece and then subsequently spent nearly two hours editing and re-editing the darn thing. It was a lot of work but I was proud of the final result. I’ve learned a lot writing so much in the last year and half and covering (typically with dismay and outrage) the body-politic around us.

So please pass along my first (of hopefully many) Daily Caller pieces, it’s titled, “Ringing the bell at the top: Paging Chris Christie”

daily caller 2

Please ‘Digg’, tweet and re-tweet this, email it and send it to your friends via Facebook. The links to do so are at the bottom of my article.

Updated: The federal budget deficit will exceed $1.4 trillion in 2010 and 2011 according to a report in the Washington Post, not to mention the Obamanation’s push for permanent unemployment extensions. Does the nation really need my piece in the Daily Caller to point them to where this nation is heading?

Can you say Greece?

Updated x2:Links so far (7/23) to the Daily Caller piece:

Updated x3: Burning down the house, my Daily Caller piece is headlining with it’s own Memeorandum thread!:

memeo headline

Updated x4: The best blogger-team evah and perhaps my biggest inspiration when I started doing this devotes an entire post: Tim Daniel Makes The Daily Caller Without JournoList Membership


Love the title – although I cringe just a bit when I see my FULL LEGAL NAME on the net (well, almost full – you still don’t know my middle name and/or full first name). Either way, thanks for the link, Smitty!

Update x5: I grabbed this comment from Weasel Zippers tonight in regards to my piece. Reader Real Bob writes:

In 1978 California was amazing. By 1988, it had dropped from the top 5 for schools to 47th. The reason? Liberals. Classic story. Once they found out they could steal all the money they wanted from the State Treasury AND raise taxes to pay for their gluttony, then sell overrated bonds they knew they couldn’t repay, they just wallowed in their new found “wealth”. It never stopped after that as they sought to regulate everything for a fee to feed their insatiable appetite for more money then more control.

Liberal states are the most regulated states in the country.

By 2000, in just 20 short years, liberals turned California from an entrepreneur’s paradise, maybe the most beautiful state in the country (I’ve been to all of the lowre 48) into a proto-communist, thoroughly repressive welfare state where pollution and environmental/agricultural poison levels are the highest in the country, illegals vote and politicians and judges skate. Now, they’re bankrupt.

It’s all Bush’s fault.

It is painful and pathetic – but this guy is spot-on. Don’t let the Obamanation force this upon your conservative states, America.

Leading by Example

Yesterday I heard a great conversation on the radio. The intrepid Chris Christie was talking with Sean Hannity about Christie’s successful effort to cut out billions of dollars of fat from the New Jersey state government:
HANNITY: What impact does the president have on the state of New Jersey? Here you’re trying to be fiscally responsible — balance your budgets — but last year alone we had a 1.4 trillion dollar budget deficit, this year it will be 1.6 trillion, we’ve got (according to the president’s own estimates) trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see… How does that affect a state, when the federal government has no fiscal discipline?

CHRISTIE: Well, listen. I think in New Jersey it brought the situation even into starker focus. Because I think people see what’s going on at the federal level and say, “All right, we’ve gotta at least get it together here in New Jersey and try to be an example, that it can be done.”

And so I think that while it’s certainly bad policy on the federal level, and I think most people agree with that, the fact of the matter is that we can be a beacon of leadership across the country, to show that politicians can make these hard choices, go against the normal playbook, as you laid it out earlier in the interview, and survive and thrive.

And that’s what we’re going to attempt to do. So that we can do well, and more importantly, our state can be the one where — when there is economic recovery — economic recovery is going to explode in New Jersey because we’re going to set up an entrepreneurial society up here.
Chris Christie has been an inspiration to conservatives for his steadfast commitment to sound fiscal principles. He has set an example that is worthy of comparison to the greatest president of our generation:
HANNITY: …people are comparing you to Reagan. And let me give you a couple of similarities that I see from a distance, Governor. President Reagan came into office and early on he was challenged, and he took on the unions and he fired the air traffic controllers. Every battle he had to cut taxes, he ended up being successful at — in spite of the predictable predictions out there by the left that old people were going to be kicked out on the street, the poor were going to suffer, etc., etc. But he did end up creating 20 million new jobs…

CHRISTIE: …The thing I loved about Ronald Reagan was that whenever a problem came up, you could almost predict what Reagan would do. Because he so steadfastly stood by those core principles that he had.
And for these echoes of Ronald Reagan, Chris Christie is receiving enthusiastic applause from patriots across the country.

But one needn’t walk with the thunderous footsteps of the mighty Chris Christie in order to set a fine example of conservative patriotism.

Just do whatever you can!


Back in May, a tiny new blog, Conscientiously Conservative, gave birth to a brilliant idea: Ten Buck Fridays. Over the next few weeks, Conscientiously Conservative tweeted her idea to anyone who would listen. The idea slowly percolated through fertile conservative soil. How much potential did this innovative concept have? For the first three weeks, it wasn’t entirely clear.

Then, suddenly and spontaneously, the idea took off. The one TBF blog grew to become four. The four TBF blogs grew to become nine. And the nine became forty-five.


TBF rapidly evolved into a weekly polling process in which conservative candidates are nominated on a weekly basis and selected by grassroots patriots through online voting to receive weekly money bombs.

Just this week, almost 1,000 conservatives spoke up and let their voices be heard in the Ten Buck Fridays poll. One thousand patriots voted to select their preferred money bomb recipient, and those one thousand votes will be followed by one thousand contributions to the TBF winner, the phenomenal Anna Little [hint, hint].

This 4th of July weekend, let’s set an example for conservative patriots across the country. Please make a direct donation to solid a conservative candidate.

Hold on to your hat, there’s more…

Let’s heed Rush Limbaugh’s advice and nationalize every race in 2010. Do it with TBF. Learn more here.

The Other McCain: Ten Buck Fridays is a wonderful way to express political will in a fashion that shall no doubt bring tears of frustration to the eyes of an elitist near you.

Nice Deb: Introducing Ten Buck Fridays

Attention Teeth-Gnashers: One of the First Tea Party Victories in Governance – Chris Christie Freezes NJ Spending

by the Left Coast Rebel

No Sheeple Here (h/t for graphic too) writes this:

With the Garden State’s budget on the verge of bankruptcy, New Jersey’s new governor, Chris Christie declared a fiscal emergency and announced a spending freeze.

“Today we are going to act swiftly to fix problems too long ignored. Today I begin to do what I promised the people of New Jersey I would do,” Christie said and warned that next year’s budget may include even harsher cuts in spending and aid.

And the Democrats are pissed.

Read the rest here.

Clifton at Another Black Conservative, who voted for Chris Christie, although hesitantly, is impressed:

As you all know, I had some doubts about how conservative Chris Christie was going to be. While he did promise fiscal responsibility, I was never really sure he meant it. Now I know he means it.New Jersey Democrats are squealing! They are livid because, Christie did not bother going through the legislature, instead he issued the freeze via executive order. It is a good thing he did, because already the Democrats are playing the same old game of “you can’t cut that”. They are using the same old flimsy excuses for leaving their sacred cows untouched.

Read the rest here

Chris Christie on Don Imus: Man, I’m Fat

by the Left Coast Rebel

Another election that is taking place next Tuesday is NJ’s governship. I’ve been privy of happenings in the race but haven’t spoken here on it. As of now the election is way too close to call. New Jersey is after all, a very blue state and such. Amazing however that ‘R’ Christie running against ‘D’ Corzine is within a point of so of beating him while Corzine has overspent him 3-1 and even had the big ‘O’ show up to campaign for him too. Clifton over at Another Black Conservative thinks that Christie hasn’t done nearly enough to differentiate himself from Corzine on taxes, limited government, etc.

The Corzine camp has made repeated jabs at Christie’s weight, (he’s a big guy), and Corzine has not ‘fessed up to being involved. Anyway, politics is dirty, who would have thought? On such affair, Christie had this to say on Don Imus’ show:

Via Memeorandum
Also read Another Black Conservative