Chris Christie on Don Imus: Man, I’m Fat

by the Left Coast Rebel

Another election that is taking place next Tuesday is NJ’s governship. I’ve been privy of happenings in the race but haven’t spoken here on it. As of now the election is way too close to call. New Jersey is after all, a very blue state and such. Amazing however that ‘R’ Christie running against ‘D’ Corzine is within a point of so of beating him while Corzine has overspent him 3-1 and even had the big ‘O’ show up to campaign for him too. Clifton over at Another Black Conservative thinks that Christie hasn’t done nearly enough to differentiate himself from Corzine on taxes, limited government, etc.

The Corzine camp has made repeated jabs at Christie’s weight, (he’s a big guy), and Corzine has not ‘fessed up to being involved. Anyway, politics is dirty, who would have thought? On such affair, Christie had this to say on Don Imus’ show:

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