Charisse Carney-Nunes – Mmm, mmm, mmm Barack Hussein Obama

by the Left Coast Rebel

Via Memeorandum, I’m reading Right Klik this evening and he is pointing readers to Carney-Nunes and the Mmm, mmm, mmm Obama song. It seems that the story of child indoctrination is back on the front-burner and the front page of the Washington Post. Right Wing Racist Hate Machine being the predictable theme here. Violent teapartyers, 9/12ers painted as racist haters and several mean emails to Carney-Nunes highlighted as well.

Typically I don’t read crap like this that graces the kitty-litter-tray fodder of most national papers but this one had me thinking. And before you taunt and yell at me, no I don’t condone nor support threatening emails or letters. To point to a few that do so and paint all dissent as such is ludicrous at best, however. Also, the 10,000 9-12 count is a complete fabrication. Key highlights from the WaPo for me –

It has been nearly a year since Barack Obama, running as a uniter and not a divider, was elected president by the largest margin in 20 years. The loop on cable news of thousands of beaming faces in Chicago’s Grant Park has given way to a summer and fall of thousands of other faces contorting in defiance and fear. A congressman yelled “You lie!” at the president on national TV. A liberal bit off the finger of a conservative during a confrontation over public health insurance.

Critics are using the YouTube video of the children’s song to argue that Obama is becoming a brainwashing dictator.

Carney-Nunes, swept up in a viral tornado of vitriol, had nothing to do with the children’s song. She was doing an author’s reading in the school that day.

After a few days, with the outcry expanding to calls for the school principal and district superintendent to be fired, Carney-Nunes issued a statement through a publicist saying that she “did not write, create, teach or lead the song about President Obama in the video,” and that “the song was presented to her by a teacher and students as a demonstration of a project that the children had previously put together.” The district superintendent gave the same account in a letter sent home to parents.

Carney-Nunes said an associate of hers videotaped the children’s performance
and later uploaded it, along with video and photos from other of her readings,
to Carney-Nunes’s YouTube account. Carney-Nunes spends a lot of her free time teaching children how to bridge divides, but she has no idea how to build a dialogue with those who attacked her.

Good grief, boo-hoo, Right Klik knows better, his thoughts on the topic, WaPo in particular. He is completely spot-on re: the assesment that this is not about Nunes, but about a cult of personality that this story highlights –

  • The Washington Post conveniently leaves out the question of whether Carney-Nunes was aware of the fact that her associate was recording the performance.
  • The Post also fails to address the question of whether Carney-Nunes asked her associate to post the video on YouTube.
  • The Washington Post did make room in their story to demonize Michelle Malkin for asking the sort of questions that they themselves failed to address.
  • Unless Carney-Nunes’s associate maliciously and secretly hacked into Carney-Nunes’s YouTube account to post the video, Carney-Nunes should take responsibility for this creepy piece of Obama propaganda in which her book is being celebrated.
  • The Post completely missed the opportunity to address the real source of controversy in this story, i.e., the question of whether this sort of quasi-religious hero worship is appropriate in government-run schools (whoever is responsible).

It’s all ‘about the kids’…..right?

UPDATE: Malkin has a great roundup this morning, via. Memeorandum. Being that the WaPo article directly attacked her, she’s drawing readers to to the discrepancies of the piece and innacuracy of their assertions directed at her, (along with innacuracies about Nunes). Read it here.


RightKlik said…

thank you kindly for the coverage

Just a conservative girl said…

You need to check out this link. The more people we can get to post about this the better. We need to set up call parties as well.


madmath1 said…

Let me get THIS straight, children can't have a silent prayer, quote from the Bible, or display any Christian symbols (Islam, including one that includes a dagger is ok though), but this act of worship is encourage and opposition disdained. My my my, when did the communists take over. Oh yea, January 20th, 2009.

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