Carrie Prejean Sextape Video: Keith Olbermann’s 3 Finger Salute

by the Left Coast Rebel

Forgive me if this post is not of the usual theme for the Left Coast Rebel. I am however interested in it because it points to a pathetic standard that stands in the left today.

For anyone that needed more proof that Keith Olbermann is both a sleaze-bucket and a slime ball, last night he finished off his rabid-Prejean-obsession segment, (via her sextape flap), giving her the emblematic 3 finger salute, (I won’t go into what this means as it should be self-explanatory).

For myself the Olbermann persona and person points to the national-liberal hatred of conservative women. A bizarre mixture of sexism and anti-woman, ‘females can’t possibly be right-leaning’ ethic. His joy and euphoric exultations over the Prejean sextape video admission is more than a little creepy; it is is disgusting. Would Beck or O’Reilly stoop to this level on the equivalent right-leaning network? Would they make a crude sexual gesture like this?

Olbermann’s treatment of Prejean is only preceded by that of 3 :

Michelle Malkin, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

Also, it’s one thing to draw disagreement with one that claims anti-gay marriage beliefs, it’s yet another to gleefully enter the pseudopedophilia realm. Can you imagine if you did investigative work into Olbermann’s past; the sultry lifestyle-issues that would most likely surface? I would rather not even know.

And that is precisely the point. I, along with most Americans; could care less if Prejean or any other woman is pro/con gay marriage. It’s a free country. Who cares as well if she had misplaced judgement in her youth, right? Who cares as well if she is hypocritical about her agreement with Barack Obama? And to bring up both or any while demeaning her and women is straight from the gutter level. The creep:

Via Mediaite

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Cassandra said…

Thank you for this. Don't know how much sense this will make b/c I'm tired.

I'm a conservative, but most of my oldest and dearest friends are what I'd call classic liberals. They vote Democrat and I vote Republican (though I'm a registered Independent). But we have so many values in common.

Posts like this reaffirm my strong belief that the two halves of America have much in common; that decency is not an exclusive property of either party. I'm not crazy about knee-jerk characterizations of either the right or left, though I"m sure I've screwed up once or twice and fallen into that abyss. Anyway, your post made my day.

Cassandra said…

Yikes. I *am* tired!

I just realized most of my prior comment made no sense, as I got the wrong impression from the name of this site. If you want to disallow both comments, I won't be the least upset 🙂

Moral of the story: if you think you're too tired to comment, you probably are!


Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Cassandra – No apology needed! What you say here is exactly right, nice of you to drop by.

Đ’ĐŸĐčсĐșĐ° ПВО said…

Man, would I love to see this butt-wipe vapor lock during one of his rants. I mean a classic, blood spurting out of the ears, clutching at the throat, grabbing at his tie in a vain attempt to claw it off, eyes rolling back in his head, retching, gasping, wheezing, and finally a full tilt slump over.

Cue the EMTs with paddles and shrieking "Clear!" Twenty ampere jolts of hard current coursing through that tiny piece of obsidian that serves as Overbite's heart.

Finally, as the camera fades back, we see little, ghoulish banshees (talking the death scene from "Ghost") creeping out of the floor to carry his soul to the underworld for an eternity of fork-prodding and spear-poking and mincing around on blazing briquettes under an unceasing drizzle of Kingsford lighter fluid..

..all to a standing O of people gathered in the streets to celebrate the modern day of equivalent of VE Day.

Free at last..free at last..gaddlemighty..free at last!

I, too, am weary from the day's toil and must lie down.

american girl in italy said…

I saw a post about this on another site, and wrote:
I can’t watch the video because he makes me sick, but my guess is he saw the video. he is taunting her and sending her a signal that he witnessed her performance.

considering she was 17, he thus viewed child pornography.

i think he should be arrested.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Boncka – Dude your little snark here is better than my post! I love it, lol.

@ Italy Girl – You're not missing anything by not watching this, I second the motion of arrest!

William said…

I got as far as 1:50 into viewing this creep and had to shut it off. Guess you could say that I am one of the approximately 300 million viewers who don't watch MSNBC.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ William – Well, as long as you got the the important stuff – my analysis!

Hack said…

The fact of the matter is conservative women are off the charts when it comes to hotness as opposed to liberal women, who are usually ugly, bitter hags. Olbermann knows this. He, and the left as a whole will do all they can to destroy attractive, conservative women and the values they espouse. Take care Rebel.


A Conservative Unclogged Blog said…

Well of course conservative women are "HOT"….just sayin…since we can actually handle an intelligent debate on facts and logic without our faces contorting due to brain overload

And we are subjected to a double standard…long rant could ensue….but I will hold back

To be honest I have NEVER even seen this Keith person EVER, and now I know why.

Does he realize how low on the masculine scale he is? He is too self satisfied.

The lefties can try to destroy us, but they are mistaken…I am all things woman, feminine and nice, but I am a tough *** ***** when it comes to defending honor, values, family, belief, freedom, truth & character

Now I know why I have never watched
"(M)oron's (S)tating (N)othing (B)elievable

A Conservative Unclogged Blog said…

er, I am too tired, and distracted with lack of sleep
that was supposed to say

(M)orons (S)tating (N)othing (B)elievable (C)onstantly

oh the acronyms could go on…but I need sleep…

Cpdcoppurr said…

This just showed what a pig he is……….He has to attack a woman who believes in God, stands by her God, and did things in her youth that may not have been the smartest………….. I think he opened himself up for some "investigative reporting" on himself. But then again we are talking about old Keithy!!!! Honey hide the dog, Keith is coming over to the house!!!

He is a pig!

Problogspot said…

@American girl in Italy

I agree with you, it seems like he really did have a peek at the video. But I guess, the guy was only "riding" with the majority. Little Carrie really did some naughty things that she shouldn't have done. BTW, she was not 17 when the video was taken, she's 20, her own ex-bf confirmed it!

Here's my resource: http://bit.ly/carrie-prejean-update

CJ said…

I agree with you. Olbermann comes off creepy. The whole idea of beauty pageants is creepy.

I have not been following this and don't even know what the issue is. I know she said she didn't believe in equal marriage rights. I don't see what the big deal about that is. (I'm obviously for marriage rights, but that's another matter.) Being involved with pageants at all is weirder; and Olbermann's fascination is weirder still.

jacklf said…

Isn't the whole idea here that maybe some people are hypocrites. Don't try to pass yourself off as a role model for conservatives and then have a naughty video appear out of no where. The only 'crime' here is hypocrisy…just be honest. We don't need any more Ted Haggards being outed as bisexual drug-users. Live and let live.

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