Breaking: Fox News Sunday – Charlie Crist Admits That he Would Have Voted for Stimulus

by the Left Coast Rebel

Just moments ago on Fox News’ Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Charlie Crist admitted that if he had been a United States Senator, he would have voted for Barack Obama’s ‘Stimulus’ bill. Doubling down? Marco Rubio held his own quite well and wasn’t distracted as well by Charlie Crist’s personal attacks against him. I transcribed Charlie Crist’s admission that he would have voted for the ‘Stimulus’:

Chris Wallace: “Are you saying that if you had been a Senator, a Republican Senator in the Senate in 2009 that you would have voted for the stimulus?”

Charlie ‘perma-tan‘ Crist: “Yeah, that’s pretty clear, yeah, you know I think it was the right thing to do at the time….”

I guess that settles that. A nice admission from Charlie Crist at the first media sit-down between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist. It’s nice to know that Charlie Crist thinks that deficit spending, Keynsian economics, ‘stimulus’ (that isn’t), and bankrupting this nation is the clear direction that we should be taking.

UPDATED: A new poll came out today as well that shows just how out of synch RINO Crist is with the state of Florida:

Florida voters dislike the new healthcare law so much that President Barack Obama and the state’s top Democrat, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, are paying a hefty political price, according to a new survey and analysis by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research.

Only 34 percent of Florida voters support the new law while 54 percent are against it, according to the poll. Opposition is significantly strong among two crucial blocs: those older than 65 and voters with no party affiliation. Seniors disfavor the bill by a 65-25 percent margin, while independents oppose the law 62-34.

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