Bob Lonsberry, Rochester radio host who wouldn’t support Tea Parties Endorses Fake Tea Party Candidate for NY-26

Jim Quinn calls him Loonsberry and now you can see why.

Here is Bob Lonsberry cira March 2009 (aka after Obama began seizing car companies):

And that’s why I’m not going to a tea party or sending in a tea bag or donating a dollar or any other of these things that have popped up as people have tried to capitalize on conservative upset at the ruling junta in Washington.

I’m not a sheep to Barack Obama, and I’m not a sheep to some conservative manipulator either. I’m a free American and I’ll stand on my own.

That’s why I’m not supporting the tea parties.

That’s why I won’t endorse any of these groups.

That’s why I’m not putting them on my shows or sending people to their websites.

Given Bob Lonsberry’s comments about the Tea Party, it would seem like his recent endorsement of Fake Tea Party candidate Jack Davis is a bit of a flip-flop:

In the special election to replace disgraced Republican Congressman Chris Lee, I’m voting for the tea party candidate.

I like the message he will take to Washington, I like the message his election will send to the Republican Party, I like the message his win will give to political bosses everywhere…

…Because I would like to stand before a roomful of people and explain to them why for real Republicans, for real conservatives, for real New Yorkers, Jack Davis is the clear choice.

But in actuality, he’s being completely consistent.

The spirit of the Tea Party has been to stand on conservative principles and vote for candidates that display those principles.

Jane Corwin is rated the second most conservative member in the state legislature and has a solid voting record. None of this is in dispute from Jack Davis, his supporters or Bob Lonsberry.

But in contrast, Lonsberry and others like him want us to vote for Jack Davis, but just what kind of person is this “stellar example” of conservative principles?

He was a 2004, 2006 and 2008 democrat candidate for congress. He’s a proponent of big government Keynesian economics. He donated to liberal democrats during the health care debate, cap and trade vote, GM takeover and Obama stimulus bill. He was endorsed by the SEIU Working Families Party. He’s adamantly against federal entitlement reform. His campaign manager is a well-known progressive consultant. He is mired in allegations of petition fraud and bribery.

Jack Davis has flip-flopped, bent over backwards with bold faced lies to make an argument for his candidacy as a Tea Party candidate.

Bob Lonsberry likes to talk about smaller government and freedom on the radio, but when rubber meets the road, Lonsberry’s actions don’t really match all the hot air. He didn’t come through in supporting smaller government then, he doesn’t now in supporting Jack Davis.

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