Bob Dole Likes Democrats, Bob Dole Likes Socialized Medicine – Bob Dole and Health Care Reform

by the Left Coast Rebel

Bob Dole likes it. Bob Dole thinks that the Republicans should make a deal on health care. Bob Dole thinks the GOP should just roll over and cave. Bob Dole doesn’t like the principled stand the GOP has been making as the party of ‘no’.
Bob Dole thinks congressional conservatives should morph from Elephants to Jellyfish.

Bob Dole won a massive, decisive landslide-victory in the 1996 as a conservative and should be listened to. Remember?

Bob Dole would never hawk male enhancements for cash, or turn to a career two rungs on ladder below even trial attorney’ing after his decisive 1996 victory.

Bob Dole likes it.


Andrew33 said…

Smilin' Bob says the government is a sackfull of….bovine scatology…but seriously any similin' Bob reference is funny. I want one of those tee shirts but dont care about buying their products. As for Smilin' Bob Dole..his wife lost to a dem because she ran as a conservative and then acted like a liberal dem one in the Senate. I think Dole would have been a slightly better president than Clinton…or a mirror image of Bush 43. We have to get it into people's heads that the Repubs weren't before…and have not been since he was alive…the party of Reagan. Reagan pulled them kicking and screaming towards libertarianism.

Andrew33 said…

Had Dole been using smilin' Bobs products, he may have had the balls to win in 96.

Doom said…

Sometimes a snark is just too fun. If the topic is serious, the stage set, and the the battle and maybe the war is on a pivot, it is good to have something to laugh about. *smile* Nothing like a chemical pecker to put some pepper in your chili. Or, something ridicules like that.

Thanks for the chuckles. Even if you don't understand another word I said.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Andrew – I would have liked to have seen Smilin' Bob the last time 13 years ago. Just proves how much the GOP sucks.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Doom – I agree, this is as snarky as they come from me at least. LOL

Sparky ♥ ∞ said…

Bob Dole was (is) an idjit.

(BTW, love the analogy! Very good! :))

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Sparky – Thanks 🙂

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