Bloggers Least Favorite People on the Right

by the Left Coast Rebel

A few days ago I asked everyone here to take part in a little poll re: a top 10 list of those on the right that we liked the least. The poll was inspired by an email from John Hawkins over @ Right Wing News requesting that I put my list of ten forward and I enthusiastically signed up. 52 blogs made the final cut, all big-boys with big-time readership…..the Left Coast Rebel smack-dab in the middle of the final linky-list in the piece.

Not to say that I am big-time but am aspiring…..

Anyway here is the list that I sent Hawkins, illustrative for fun.

1 – President George W. Bush. The Iceberg of fiscal conservatism’s Titanic.

2 – John McCain. Making his name in the press and beltway for years by giving conservatives the middle finger. This is what the press deemed maverick about him. A shock and an outrage to have him nominated. A liberal ass-grabber.

Also, one of the biggest RINOs ever.

3 – Benedict Arnold. This is what we get with clueless, feckless, mealy-mouthed liberal pols with an ‘R’ next to their name. Shame on the party hierarchy for funneling money for years to this man. Shame on you.

4 -Michael Steele. This guy is head of the RNC? A joke and a joker. Dozens of foot-in-mouth moments, not a leader.

5 – Arnold Schwarzenegger. A total sham, governor Vulturenator. Feeding off of fiscal conservatives to get elected, only to end up wrecking the state and governing worse than his Democrat predecessor. Did you know that a vulture’s head is covered with a crusty layer of skin that is impervious to infection?

6 – Lindsey Grahamnesty. Need I say more? A RINO and a clown. A complete joke.

7 – Sean Hannity. I know some of you may not like this but this guy is a hack in my opinion. Although I may agree with a lot of what he says, his feckless silence during the Bush big-spending orgy is inexcusable. A GOP talking head in many ways.

8 – Olympia Snowe. Why even have a Republican Party? Why the ‘R’? Name me one conservative issue that she has heralded. Name one.

9 – Susan Collins. Refer to Olympia Snowe, separated at birth.

10 – William Kristol. Neo-con clown RINO media talking-bobblehead type. Emblematic of everything wrong with the Republican party. Emblematic of much of the establishment GOP press.


keyboard.jockey said…

I have more photos Update, from guest blogger "Terrible Towel" from the G20 Pittsburgh Summit. Since the President spoke at the G20 summit, does it mean all those protesters are Racist…like the way Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter described the people who protested and marched on D.C. on 9 September 2009?
Just sayin…


Andrew33 said…

Those are all big RINOs. I dearly wish Charlie Crist was on that list. He is the most dangerous for us in the future as he wants to be president in 2012. People, I am begging you both in Florida and nationwide, DO NOT VOTE FOR CRIST IN A PRIMARY IN 2012

keyboard.jockey said…

Did you all see this about the cut in the border patrol starting Oct 1st? Down in Texas Rick Perry sent the Texas Rangers to the border. I am guessing it's because he knew this was coming?


The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

I agree completely with your list, although it is not identical to the one I sent you, it has the ones I was most passionate about hating. Nice job throwing Hannity in there. I watch his show occasionally if there is someone on I want to see or if there is a story I have completely missed out on everywhere else; but agree completely with your analysis

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Keyboard Jockey – I didn't see that the admin was cutting Border patrol until you pointed me to that. Unreal, it fits in with the entire agenda, we are under siege.

@ Andrew – Crist gets and honorable mention, I agree.

@ KOOK – Great minds think alike.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said…

Excellent choices! I kinda feel like a clown too because I didn't start YELLING sooner in public about the blurbs & fiascos the Repubs were making. My bad. I'm playing catch-up now. 🙂

Steve said…

I just don't see it with Michael Steele, but agree with the others. McCain – a french fry cooked by the media. Bush – a sellout and a dope. Hannity – hackin my lungs out. But Steele? Do I have white guilt?

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Sparky – We all learned tough lessons when our team went so far astray.

@ Steve – Steele just seems incompetent to me. They could have put someone worse in there….but certainly someone better, he just doesn't carry the torch for freedom for me….

Just a conservative girl said…

LCR – you are more libertarian than republican, so Michael Steele would be on your list. He stands by the party platform. Which you don't agree with at least some of; possibly even more than some.

I have become more and more libertarian since Obama has taken office.

I consider myself a conservative; not a republican. If a democrat was conservative on fiscal issues I wouldn't hesitate to vote for them. That is not very likely, but it could happen.

Cugel said…

I can't say whether I agree with you regarding every person you selected, but your images are marvelous.

As a person of a conservative disposition living in one of the bluest of counties in California, I am always happy to learn of fellow "rebels."

Cugel said…

I feel compelled to remark, however, that if McCain were President, we wouldn't have Sonia Sotomayor sitting on the Supreme Court. Those 5-4 lefty decisions have done much harm over the last 50 plus years, and they will continue, partly because some conservatives and libertarians refused to vote for McCain. Tell me, since they were the only two choices, how a RINO was worse than an out-and-out Alinsky-ite socialist.

The Law said…

Nice list! I don't care for any of those people (and reeeeally hate Hannity) for different and obvious reasons… =)

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Just aconsgirl – I am more libertarian but my heart of hearts is with the GOP and true conservatism. I have become more libertarian recently as well, to be honest. It's funny because I would vote for a fiscally conservative Dem as well….waiting……waiting….it could be a while.

@ Cugel – Glad to have you as a new reader! I must say that you offer a compelling argument and one that is heard often. Forgive me for a possibly terse response but I do not think that a RINO is worse than and Alinsky socialist. I do think however that a progressive-lite McCain presidency may have set back the cause of freedom, free markets and true republicanism for decades, (mich like Bush did but worse). The Obamanation on the other hand has caused an upswell of liberty thinkers, conservatives, independents, etc. that may bring this country back to it's roots. However, I am aware that this may be the equivalent of saying that 'war makes a young man strong.'

@ The Law – 100% agreemenent for 100% the opposite reason…..that is progress! 🙂

Cugel said…

LCR, I agree that McCain was no Calvin Coolidge or even a Ronald Reagan. I certainly hope that events will waken our fellow citizens to realize just how utterly anti-American the Democratic Party has become. But we risk much. It might be possible in a few years to reverse some of the damage that this present Congress will set upon us, but the tilt of the Supreme Court will haunt us for a very long time (more so if the One should get a second nomination). This side of passing Constitutional Amendments, there will be no redress.

Now, life is not easy for us who refuse to drink from the mucky goblet of progressivism. For us on the "Right"–enthusiastic traditionalist theists, self-regarding libertarians, sober civic republicans–the world-spirit seems to have passed us by; so we must cherish what friendships we can find.

May you prosper, sir.

Soloman said…

Rebel – I love the Hannity pick, you gave all the right reasons. Didn't see that one coming, but it's well deserved.

If I may… Cugel, not to worry about Sotomayor, it's a replacement of one lefty for another, and the left is suspicious of her stance on abortion. He'll be replacing Ginsberg soon too, but it's still a decently split court, and at least for now the 2nd Amendment has been upheld (DC ruling). It's the unexpected right-leaning Justice retiring or passing that would be detrimental.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Cugel – I find sanity and solace in correspondence with patriots as yourself. May we all stem the tide of this deadly cancer infecting our Republic-experiment, may we stop the storm of those who wish her ill. May we put an end forever to the ill of collectivism and the antithesis of that which our beautiful land was founded. May we band together in friendship of these common goals.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Soloman – Thanks man, I thought I might get a little heat on this list but it's really from the heart – plus Hawkins over at Right Wing News writer needs to hear our voice, this thing was collaborative here at LCR, we all put in….

Cugel said…

LCR: what I am about to say might be too tender for general publication, but it warms my heart that you speak of our country in such vivid, loving terms. I mind myself that the Athenians did verily believe that the goddess was the living protector of their city. They built her a temple; they made public acts of worship (the origin of the word 'liturgy:' a work of the people acting together).

For us in America there is a necessary but still hurtful disjunction between the law and the land. It keeps us from becoming blood-and-soil reactionaries of the European variety, but it has come to enable silly utopianisms to claim the mantle of universal law. Thus the Progressives of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were able to swing the first pick-blows in the undermining of the common law tradition we inherited from England and to replace it with their bloodless, overly abstract model of "modern" government "adapted to the times" (cf. Woodrow Wilson).

When our country was founded, even the most diestic Fathers–Jefferson, Washington, Franklin–for all their adherence to the abstractions of the natural law, still had the intuition of America as a living organism. They knew the customs and pieties of the people, and although they did not always cleave unto them as their own, they never disrespected them or sought, as did the revolutionaries in France, to cast them down.

Our country thus began as a scion both of the Enlightenment as as a child of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. This dual parentage, although carrying its own disjunctions, has served us well. We would be wrong to char it on the filthy altar of a rabid, Jacobin secularism, where there is enkindled the Mephistopholean hubris that prods on dictators and petty tyrants to believe they are "the One."

For those of us who care, our country is guided by a living spirit. For some he is Christian or at least Judaeo-Christian. There is much truth in this. But George Washington found that spirit in Cincinnatus. Benjamin Franklin depicted her as an Indian maid. She was our Athena, the lady of our precious city that would stand inviolate on the hill.

If you wish to communicate with me personally, please send an email to [email protected].

Best regards,

Cugel said…

Soloman, I hope you are correct, but I remember the many bad 5/4 splits that have occurred over the last 40 plus years. Should an iffy like Kennedy retire or die during the One's reign, we are in serious trouble.

Rational Nation USA said…

Great list, with the possible exception of Steele who I tepidly like.

As I see it the republicans of today are the democrats of the 60's. Still progressive, just a milder taste of socialist/statist kool aid.

I long ago realized that party labels in modern politics are at best the mark of a person lacking the courage to think and act based on principals that are rational rather than self serving.

Forgive me for saying it but to stand for liberty, individualism, a true free market, limited and restricted government, and a strict constructionist Supreme Court is neither Republican, Democrat, nor Libertarian. It is Radical to the core given the time we are living in. Not unlike 1776.

madmath1 said…

The only thing I find inaccurate is Benedict Arnold. That man is dead and how is he a conservative? I would replace him with Bill O'rilely since he forgets the e in his motto: no spin(e) zone, especially when it comes to our alliences with radical muslim countries. After all, he was all for the Dubai ports deal and having China inspect our cargo.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Les – Great points, I just included Steele because I think he is incredibly ineffective. I agree with your life statement too BTW, this is not about party affiliation, this is life and liberty.

@ Madmath – Benedict Arnold is Arlen Sphincter, O'Reilly made the cut at Right Wing News….

Writer X said…

Hard to choose, but I'd have to go with McCain. He's only a Republican when he wants something.

madmath1 said…

Ahhhh, I stand corrected then.

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