Blogger Poll – The Least Respected on the Right

by the Left Coast Rebel

I received an email from John Hawkins with RightwingNews and Townhall.com, requesting that I send him my list of 10 conservatives that I least repect. The list is not ranked and can include GOPers, conservatives, libertarians; any icon, person or persona that conjures up a conservative image that makes your stomach turn,(as in bad for the cause). I need to send in results by midday tomorrow so readers speak up! I can think of a few off the top of my head, some of you may not like that they come to my mind, (don’t be afraid to offend with your choices).

This is up for a vote by you dear reader, I will crown the winners via my readership. I assume that you will choose those that have done the conservative ideal the most damage in the last few years/and or those that have been corronated by the main stream media, (ie. the beltway GOP and RINOs). At least that is who comes to my mind. Note as well that you must be a conservative/independent thinker type to participate. Am I showing my hand with the RINO pic?

Looking forward to your choices in the comment section……


Joie said…

hmm, that is going to be tough to have to narrow it down to 10. good luck with that. i will check back in on the comments to see who and why should be on the list. congrats to you!

The Right Guy said…

Totally feckless and unwelcome:
Chuck Grassley, John McCain, George W. Bush, Lindsey Graham, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Olympia Snowe, James Leach, Arlen Spector, Norm Coleman, may be Voinevich and Lugar.

Under the disappointment column:
Chris Buckley, JC Watts, Mark Sanford, Michael Steele, Colin Powell, Curtis Sliwa,

There are others, but right now that is about all I can come up with. A lot of career politicians in there.

Hillary said…

John McCain for sure.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Joie – No choice? Pipe in if you see some names that catch your eye.

@ Right Guy – You got 8 of my ten my friend, I didn't consider Norm Coleman but I think you are onto something there. All of these will go into the final tally. I would put McAmnesty and Bush at the top too.

The Right Guy said…

I mean, who the hell loses to a lousy comedian? Who? And tips it to 60…

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Rightguy – Great point, Frankenstein isn't even a good comedian….

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Hillary – McAmnesty is at the top of my list too.

goddessdivine said…

McCain, Spector, Schwartzenegger, Powell, Sanford

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Goddess – Powell, yeeessss, I didn't think of him, he surely should be in the top 10.

Andrew33 said…

I have no respect for 90% of the so called conservatives so let me name a few examples of those I despise and then a few that I respect…I despise the entire core of Repub politicians from Boehner to Mccain and all inbetween. Definitely throw our current gov. Crist in that group. I like Marsha Blackburn, Jim Demint, (and at least respect those who had the cohones to stand in in front of 100 conservative bloggers and take any question given. I can post that list if asked). I like gov Dem Phil Bredesen (TN) for his opposition to obamacare and his having kept his campaign promises to be fiscally responsible and to keep Tennesssee a conservative, business friendly state. I voted for both him and Blackburn since I lived in Nashville in '02and both were good choices. So you see I don't go by party and don't like many repubs and almost no dems. When you have NO respect for 90% of DC it's easier to pick ones you like than don't.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Andrew – Of course and unfortunately you are correct, who would be the 10 most hated on your list? 5?

Sparky ♥ ∞ said…

I can think of three right off the top of my head: John McCain, George W. Bush, and Arnold Schwartzenegger. I truly think John McCain has gone insane and has no business being in politics at all. Thanks for asking us. 🙂

christian soldier said…

easier to name the few I like:
Ahmmmm-that's it..so far….

Carl Wicklander said…

There are so many worthy candidates. I'll try to limit my choices. In no particular order:

1. George W. Bush
1a. George H. W. Bush, a little old but still somewhat recent
1b. Not there yet, but 1b. is reserved for Jeb in case he follows in the family tradition of screwing conservatives.
2. John McCain
3. Lindsey Graham
4. Mitt Romney
5. Newt Gingrich
6. Talk radio: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, just to keep the list short.
7. Michael Steele
8. John Boehner
9. Bill Kristol
10. Eric Cantor

Hazaa Blue-Eyes said…

Snowe and Spector off the top of my head.

blackandgoldfan said…

Snowe, McCain, Collins, all of the Cap-and-Trade 8…

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

John McCain – in any other universe would have easily won and yet couldn't even beat a Statist. BECAUSE HE IS ONE TOO

Michael Steele – Weak Sauce, No Testicular Fortitude, not a leader

Olympia Snowe – Seriously?

Susan Collins – um…Seriously?


Lindsay Graham-nesty – Amnesty, Succubus, phony. Televangeslist.

Mike Castle, Del – one of the turncoat 8, would fit rit in, IN SWEDEN.

Chris Smith, NJ – another of the Turncaot 8, Union Shill.

Mark Kirk – IL – one of the 8. Corrupt, just like his whole state. Gun Grabber.

Ahnold Schwarzenkennedy- the Terminator of California.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

@Hazaa – I was going to put Spector on there too, but he officially switched teams. So he is not a republican anymore.

@Conservative soldier, do not forget Blackburn.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

I would have put Powell, because at one time I would have voted for the Man, but honestly he is a nobody now, so why bother?

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

Damn, how did I forget Bush?

The Conservative Lady said…

Please don't forget Charlie Crist. We are in danger of him becoming a senator.

From the Rotti's desk said…

Snow, Collins, Spector, Sanford, Graham Schwarzenegger, Charlie Christ, McCain, Hutchison (she didn't vote on Acorn investigation) There are more, can't think of them at the moment.

Citizen Zane said…

Olympia Snowe, Mark Sanford, Larry Craig, and Rush Limbaugh.

I am trying to come up with a list of 10 liberals who I do respect, and I am still having trouble coming up with one…I'm sure I'll think of somebody today….hmmmm.

Libertarian Advocate said…

Toss in Ray LaHood too….

Bojinx said…

Coming from Ohio I nominate George Voinovich and Mike DeWine

The Right Guy said…

Michael Steele is a weenie and balless. How they picked him I have no idea. The GOP seems to be astute at picking losers.

Andrew33 said…

Folks the biggest and most dangerous RINO of them all is CHARLIE CRIST (R) FL!!!!!!!! I tried 4 times to comment about him here today and warn everyone that he will be a most dangerous player in 2012 along with a list of hated RINOS. We had electrical storms all day and I believe that such storm which are daily here affect my ability to comment here.

Soloman said…

May be a bit late, but..

First and foremost, "my friends" – my senior senator… John McCain.

Olympia Snowe, Larry Craig, Mark Sanford, Susan Collins, Arlen Spector (pre-op and post-op), Charlie Crist…

AZ governor Jan Brewer – replaced that handsome Janet Napolitano, who now will not build our fence, and yet Brewer (a Republican) wants to raise taxes on the largest growing state (thanks, Californians) during a recession, after we've had our taxes raised for the last 8 years and our $2billion rainy day fund wasted down to a $2billion deficit??

how many do I get?

Lindsay Grahamnesty.

Michael Steele is not a leader. He talks good smack on Hannity, but when faced with intelligent opposition he crumbles.

George Voinovich – which is a terrible disappointment, he was a good governor from what I remember.

does Colin Powell count as a Republican? I don't think so..

Norm Coleman, and darn that W. Bush for not being what he said he would be…

And Mitt Romney, for not really standing up to McAmnesty during the primary. Nice got him and the party nowhere, so no matter how much he seems like he's transitioned from being a lefty (and I can respect that, I was a lefty once) he's got a lot to prove to me.

Clifton B said…

Here goes my list, no particular order
1. John McCain – Still falls for media attention
2. Lindsy Graham – Look up the word p—y and there he is.
3. Olympia Snow – For the love of God, come out the Democrat closet already.
4. Susan Collins – Ditto
5. David Brooks – Another p—y pretending to be conservative.
6. Joe Scarborough – Another idiot who buys into that move to the center nonsense.
7. Michael Steele – Needs a permanent backbone!
8. Bush 41 & 43 If either of these two acted like conservative, we would have been spared both Clinton and Obama
9. The Cap and Tax 8 – If you voted for this massive tax increase, you have a hell of a nerve to call yourself Republican.
10. Mitt Romney – I am not the least bit fooled by his 11th hour conversion to conservatism.

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