Biggest Losers: State by State Proves Liberal Dysfunction

by the Left Coast Rebel

CNNMoney has an article up for the end of the year showing the top 7 states experiencing a mass exodus of residents, more outgoing than incoming. Shocker of shockers the list is dominated by liberal/statist controlled states dominated by liberal/statist business/government policies. There is no such thing as a free lunch, freedom and free markets work, 1+1=2.

Drumroll……can anyone guess the #1 state that residents are fleeing from?

California – Net loss of residents = 98,798. Liberal policies and a dysfunctional government model that only the current federal regime can outdo. Coming to an Obamanation near you.

New York – Net loss = 98,178. Need I say more? A liberal mecca to say the least.

Michigan – Net loss = 87,339. Unions, unions, unions.

Illinois – Net loss = 48,249. The home of the figurehead of the most economically dysfunctional administration ever. Enough said.

Not showed in this list, guess which state gained residents?

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Bungalow Bill said…

Michigan saw huge increases in taxes under Jennifer Granholm as well.

The Griper said…

one more factor:
which states have a right to work law?

as for michigan, did you know that business owners are now members of an union now not because they joined an union but because the government says so. the owners of child care centers are now union members as far as the state is concerned and deduct union dues from them.

madmath1 said…

I would like to get out of here. The addenum state that California was 2nd with population growth. I have to wonder if they include the illegal migration to our state because most American born are leaving first chance they get from this sespool of a state here in California, myself included if I get the chance. My guess of the state gaining the most was Texas, but I wonder the same thing though the state, perhaps the most conservative in the union, is increasing from the latin invasion as well. I would still like to move there anyways as it's not to the level of insanity as it here.

Kurt Silverfiddle (TBFKAFOUTSC) said…

You would think people could compare these states to Texas and Oklahoma and learn something…

The Libtard dems here in Colorado tried putting right to work and other liberal initiatives on the ballot that have destroyed California and Michigan.

Fortunately we voted them down by big margins, so there's hope yet…

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