The Biden Funeral Rounds out the Google Trends 20

by the Left Coast Rebel

After perusing the Google Trends 20 this morning, imagine my curiosity when I saw the top search ‘Biden Funeral’ at Google Trends. Of course I knew that nothing ill had befallen Vice President Joe Biden but the headline jumped out at me nonetheless. The WSJ is reporting that Jean Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s mother has passed away so obviously we send condolences to the Biden family, (politics having no place). Read the AP report here and the Trends page here.

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  1. I don't know what to think about this. I want to say how I feel, but I am unsure of the traditions surrounding past mother's of Vice President. Joe Biden is one of those guys only a mother could love.

    I get the picture he was the clown in high school who didn't have the self-realization that he was the clown.


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