Behold progressive journalism: Media Matters Notices the Left Coast Rebel (and can’t spell)

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Media Matters professed their love today for Left Coast Rebel and Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft. I link to the page not for informational purposes. In fact, their article is lacking several Pentagon Shooter facts, such as John Bedell’s association with the largest leftist group in America, the Democrat Party. (LCR Editor’s Note – Screenshot of the Left Coast Rebel’s entrance into the blogosphere Hall of Leftist Shame):

media matters LCR2

No, I bring your attention to the link, because in the same piece that Media Matters is saying that Gateway Pundit’s work was “almost comical” the writer misspells the Pentagon Bomber’s name as “James Patrick Bodell” instead of John Patrick Bedell. (Editor’s Note – Here’s a screenshot of just that, since they’ve since changed it):

LCR MM, spelling2

Behold, “Progressive Journalism.”

UPDATED: The Left Coast Rebel fired off a quick note to Jim Hoft of Gateway, tipping him on the Media Matters article. The Left Coast Rebel wrote:

Hi Jim,

We are in good company – Media Matters tries (but doesn’t succeed), to smear Gateway and our evil association with you at the Left Coast Rebel. It’s the Left Coast Rebel’s first attack from MM and we couldn’t be happier. Keep up the great work!


Left Coast Rebel
To which Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit replied:

Congrats Tim.
You have arrived.



TKZ said…

LOL!!!! They're falling into the pit they dig for you.

Teresa said…

"Progressive journalism" leaves something to be desired- a bitter taste in my mouth that needs to be eliminated. Well, progressive journalists are good for a laugh because they are considered jokes as journalism goes.

Fuzzy Slippers said…

What's truly amusing (I never read them, so this is my first glimpse . . . not impressed) is that they say essentially, look, GP says the sky is BLUE!! OMG, isn't that so stoopid and evil and RAAAACIST?!! (er, yeah, well, the sky is blue, and Bedell, spelled correctly, was a lefty loon . . . . So what exactly is their point?)

conservative generation said…

TKZ – If you are going to smear someone, at least report the name right!

Teresa – More like whining if you ask me.

Fuzzy – MM is all about the comments. Half the time the readers only read the headlines and not the post, then they go down to the comments and post something completely contradicting the article. It's always good for a laugh.

Keyboard Jockey said…

You know they just got another 10,000.000.00, George Soros just can't get his propaganda to work right 😉

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