Banana Republic Governance, Taxpayer-Abuse – A Real-Life Example

A brief, (but pathetically realistic), email from a relative –

Mr. Rebel,

See what you think about my scheme…..

I’m buying this next week, (@ right), :

And holding it for a year, (a requirement in the bill)

Then I’m buying this, (@ right), :

With this of course:

Purchase price of new car: $9970 minus $4500 plus $600 = $6070
Don’t put a single mile on it and sell it. I guarantee you’ll make at least $2000. Interested?
My reply –
Brilliant, why didn’t I think of this? I’m going to put this on the blog for
s#$@% and giggles. I have a few problems though. They are as follows –

  1. You are a conservative, and work in the financial industry
  2. You are a conservative, white male
  3. You wake up early each day to go to work



Nick said…

Better do some estimations for how much will be left in the slush fund a year from now, based on how many people are going to be trading in their clunkers between now and then; I'm guessing there might be quite a few people thinking the exact same thing. It seems designed to be ripe for abuse on purpose, and I'd be surprised if it was not sufficiently abused by then to be either out of money, or substantially altered (to only allow abuse by people the Party favors). Sounds risky for someone without friends in the Party.

Spinsterpov said…

It amazes me that they can write legislation so long that nobody can read it, and STILL not adress how to avoid abuses of the legislation. We need to get lawyers off the hill and put some industrial engineers and Six Sigm experts in there instead.

Oh, and I've had my car for 8 years and was thinking of getting a new one. I guess I'll wait until the government pays me to do that.

madmath1 said…

I have an old Geo Metro that I was going to use once my wife got her driver's license. Now with this bill, I just might trade it in and just get a better used car and perhaps make a major increased payment on my other car as well. The moment I read this bill I thought terrible idea. Like the Canadian medical system that is used, abused, and confused,with hyprocondriacs (sic) and neglect by underpaid doctors, this has all the elements of inviting mainly abuse. Why would I keep a car whose blue book is $400 when I can get $5400 from a corrupt and stupid government? I don't have to have a math degee to figure out the math on this. Even criminal math can figure this out. Heck, even a first grader can figure this out which is a testimonal to our government: They're dumber than a 1st grader. After about a year, they'll realized their financial graffe and revoke or greatly restrict it. They're stupid, but not crazy (. . . I think).

blackandgoldfan said…

Madmath — Nope. They're crazy too.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Nick – Great points, as is the case with any program like this, it will end up costing 3x what they say. Mind you I am totally tongue in cheek too on the post

Tommi – Yes! The physically abuse us as taxpayers and defy econmoics 101 daily

Madmath – The Obamanation, Pelosi, Waxman, Reid, Frank. Dumber than a first grader. Now that is a slogan.

Bungalow Bill said…

Does this bill stretch for a year. I thought it had an expiration date to prevent this.

Left Coast Rebel said…

It does go for a year but I read a few Senators say to the effect that they may prolong it. As is the case with taxpayer physical abuse, I would count on this thing being misappropriated.

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