Author of “Learn to Speak Teabag,” Mark Fiore, ‘Wins’ Pulitzer UPDATED: Mark Fiore Involved with Anti-Catholic, Jesus-Ridiculing “Fetus X” Comic


by the Left Coast Rebel

Look back to a time when you and I had more of our freedoms than we do now. January 1, 2010:
I watched the cartoon myself and was so disgusted that I had to turn it off 3/4 of the way through. The gist being that if you are against the horrible legislation of ‘health care reform’ circling the drain in Congress, then you are a moron, a backwoods type, a complete mental midget and mental retard. It’s funny that the communists at NPR view my liberal friends that are against the health care reform under this light. But then again, they aren’t ‘tea baggers’ and such. View it with disgust here.
The cartoon discussed above was “Learn to Speak Tea Bag,” hosted on NPR’s website, no less. In fact it was so incendiary that, NPR had to backtrack even though they didn’t lift the video. Again, you can watch it here.

The updated story/discussion today is that Mark Fiore won the Pulitzer Prize for “a distinguished cartoon or portfolio of cartoons characterized by originality, editorial effectiveness, quality of drawing and pictorial effect, in print or online or both.”

The Pulitzer group describes Mark Fiore’s work as portraying, “biting wit, extensive research and ability to distill complex issues set a high standard for an emerging form of commentary.

Cartoonist Mark Fiore, author of “Learn to Speak Tea Bag” also set up a celebratory/Pulitzer site that displays many of his ‘works.’ The funny thing is that “Learn to Speak Tea Bag” is non-existent. Although almost every cartoon is bizarrely leftist.

I wonder if Mark Fiore will earn a Nobel Peace Prize as well?

UPDATED: I’m glad that the Pulitzer people vet their candidates as well as the Obama White House does. At Wikipedia I found that Mark Fiore worked with/contributed to with a disgusting comic called Fetus X which portrays, “profanity and violence as well as political, religious, sexual, and horror themes.” Sounds innocent enough, right? Not so fast, here is the character list for “Fetus X”:

fetus wikipedia

  • Fetus-X: An apparently undead human fetus floating in a jar of formaldehyde.
  • Eric Millikin: The creator of the comic.
  • Alicia: A cheerleader.
  • El Chupacabra: A goat-sucking extraterrestrial who is also a Mexican professional wrestler.
  • Anal Ho Tep: A resurrected Egyptian mummy who enjoys anal sex.
  • George W. Bush: President of the United States of America.
  • Areola: A mermaid.
  • Satana: A devil girl.
  • Bunny: A research test rabbit.
  • Jesus: The son of God.
Nice stuff. Abortion humor, anti-Christian/Catholic and degenerate sex acts all wrapped up in ‘art’ and ‘humor.’ I’m glad that Pultizer picks the best and brightest. Imagine if Mark Fiore’s art was connected to ridiculing gays, minorities, communists, or any other protected leftist identity group?

Catholic League points out that “Fetus X” regularly ridiculed Jesus and was featured in the student newspaper at Michigan State University. Nice to know that Mark Fiore features “Fetus X” on his resume. Go here to view one of the “Fetus X” Jesus comics. Go here for a full list (NSFW). Here’s a screen shot of the disgusting comic, Jesus parody:

Fetus x Jesus

Do you think a conservative would win a Pulitzer with affiliation to stuff like this?


  1. That pretty much sinks any respect that was left for the Pulitzer (now bastard cousin to the Nobel).

  2. It is difficult to imagine that there is a mirror opposite of people who are in support of the tea party movement…
    NPR? Nationalized Propaganda Radio? Tax dollars support this???


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