Atlas Shrugging: IRS Commissioner Can’t File His Own Taxes – Code ‘Too Complex’

by the Left Coast Rebel

How’s that for a 1984 headline? Via The Hill I’m reading that the IRS commissioner has to rely on the expertise of a ‘professional’ to get his taxes done for him. Oh the irony. The reason that Mr. commish points to for this? The tax code’s complexity. Duh, and the Vatican sees rampant earth worship replacing christianity. Anyway it’s interesting:

IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman does not file his own taxes in part because he believes the tax code is complex.

During an interview on C-SPAN’sNewsmakers” program that aired on Sunday, Shulman said he uses a tax preparer for his own returns. “I’ve used one for years. I find it convenient. I find the tax code complex so I use a preparer,” Shulman said.

Pressed on how he would make the tax code simpler, Shulman responded, “I don’t write the tax laws. Congress writes the tax laws so that’s a whole different discussion.”

Well of course the IRS commissioner doesn’t recommend simplification in our coercive, liberty-crushing, prosperity-killing tax code. Can you say job security. I however have an option that make for a better country for all individuals.

Of course the flat tax system, (or any alternative to simplify), actually would return power to the individual in this country and since our power elite are doing everything possible to achieve the precise opposite…..well, you know.


Bungalow Bill said…

The tax code encourages people to cheat due to its complex langauge that you need a tax law education to understand. This is done by purpose to make people bow down to the IRS–to fear them.

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