Another Black Conservative Passes the 1 Year Mark: Happy Birthday!

by the Left Coast Rebel

Another Black Conservative turned 1 today, marking a crazy and productive first year for Clifton – a great guy and a great blogger. Clifton Started Another Black Conservative for essentially the same reasons that many of us here did, as an outlet to express the frustration and fear of where our country was heading.

I am proud as well to call Cliff a friend and look forward to seeing him on t.v. in the coming years for I know he is going somewhere big.

Head over and wish him a Happy-blog birthday, won’t you? Way to go Another Black Conservative!


RightCoast said…

Sweet! Congrats Clifton!

Clifton B said…

Hey blogger buddy, thank you. If I end up on TV, then you are going to own the blogosphere! Here is to the next 365 for LCR and ABC.

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