Andrew Koenig’s Body Found: Andrew Koenig of Growing Pains Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

by the Left Coast Rebel

Andrew Koenig was found dead yesterday from an apparent suicide. Koenig is best known for his role in the popular 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains”. Andrew Koenig, 41, had a recurring role on the “Growing Pains” as Richard “Boner” Stabone, a pal of star Kirk Cameron’s character, Mike.He also appeared in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “My Two Dads,” and “G.I. Joe,” and the films “NonSeNse,” “InAlienable” and “The Theory of Everything.”

Andrew Koenig suffered from depression for much of his life and decided to take his life in a park in British Columbia, Canada – a place where he enjoyed spending time.

Some t.v. trivia – Andrew Koenig’s father is Walter Koenig who played Pavel Andreievich Chekov in the original Star Trek series. As it were, he was nearby when Andrew Koenig’s body was found. I can only imagine the anguish that Andrew Koenig and his family must feel now. Depression is a horrible, debilitating condition. I have seen first hand the destruction that it can cause as well.

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Sparky said…

Oh, how sad! I feel great grief for this tragic death. Deepest sympathies to the young man's family and friends.

I wish he could have found proper treatment. Nothing is worth killing oneself over. If anyone out there is depressed, please seek professional help. And remember you are loved by a merciful God who cares about you always.

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