America’s Majority Does Not Like ObamaCare Bill

By: Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

The Capital on the evening Congress arguably voted the biggest power grab since FDR and his new deal. The night when socialized medicine was narrowly approved by congress on  a straight party line vote.

What is telling is the democrats socialists in congress passed this bill over the heads of a public that clearly does not want it. The fact they ignored the public, and railroaded ObamaCare through congress using strong are tactics and deal making is telling.

These people are none other than a group of elected officials who have become so deluded as to believe they know best. That somehow being members of congress equates to them being all knowing. Therefor they feel free to dictate to their constituency whatever it is they think feel is right. And if you don’t agree to bad…  after all we are are nothing more than the underclass. In other words they see themselves as members of the elite class and thus have the right and indeed duty to guide us and show us the way.

Now for some data on how America thinks;

A majority of American actually have a very din view of ObamaCare. They believe (correctly so) that it give the federal government to much control over their lives and really wont do much the control and reduce health costs. The public also believe the bill will do little to reduce the federal deficits.

Results from a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll…

59% of the people surveyed opposed the bill.

Only 39% said they supported the bill.

56% said the bill gives the federal government to much involvement in health care.

Only 28% believe the bill gives the government a proper role.

A scant 16% believe the bill does not give the government a large enough role.

62% believe the bill will increase the amount of money they will have to spend on health care.

21% said they thought costs would remain the same.

Only 16% believe the bill will reduce health care costs.

People involved in the survey overwhelming think the bill will increase th federal budget deficits.

Fully 70% of of survey respondents believe deficits will increase due to the bill.

17% believe deficits will remain stable at current levels.

only 12% thought deficits would go down.

Read the rest here at Rational Nation USA.


Left Coast Rebel said…

All too true and well said. Did you see the IBD article as well, the 20 freedoms that we will lose under Obamacare?

Rational Nation USA said…

I haven't seen the article as yet, however I caught some of the point on Savage last evening.

Left Coast Rebel said…

I'll email it to you. Again, well said!

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