Americans Know Better Regarding the Socialist Health Care Takeover

by the Left Coast Rebel

I’m going to run several points in this post (and updated today as I come across things) that I think should give you energy and validation going forward as we fight against the tyrannical health care takover (wherever that road leads) as well as other horrible enslaving notions coming down the pike via the Obamanation. First off, another damning poll just came out via. CBS (pie chart at left):

Before the House vote Sunday, nearly half of Americans, including eight in ten Republicans, said they disapproved of the health care bill. One in three “strongly disapproved.”

Thirty-seven percent, meanwhile, offered their approval — including one in four who “strongly approved.”

Americans were not optimistic about the impact the bill will have. While 29 percent said reforms in the bill will make the health care system better, 34 percent said they would make the system worse. Twenty-eight percent said they weren’t sure, while eight percent predicted no change.

And they think that Americans will love what they have done to us once we get accustomed to the health care bill. Hah! Never in American history has ‘social’ legislation, (ie. a massive entitlement) been forced through against the will of the nation. Never.

Call a spade a spade today. The Democratic Party is now officially the Democrat Socialist Party after the health care cram down.(via Memeorandum), Dana Loesch:

…..our legislators officially broke the contract with America that is the Constitution. Last night, they ceased to represent us. Last night, a new party was born; the malignant tumor that is the progressive caucus consumed the Democrat party from within and gave birth to the mainstream Socialist Party.

She continues with the best piece on this violation of Sunday that the Obamanation will ‘celebrate’ with a signing today:

They rallied that “people have a right to health care,” which no one disputes: people have a right to health care but they do not have a right to another’s living. Socialists employed all sorts of dirty tricks, back room deals (a NASA admin job?), and intimidation. They twisted arms and convinced men of lesser character to compromise on their principles. They ignored their electorate. This legislation rotted in congress since summer because of the massive opposition from the American people.

At one point during last night’s debate, John Boehner was rebuked for giving the Socialists hell when reminded to “show dignity to the House.”

There is no dignity left in a House run by political prostitutes.

Nancy Pelosi, Lynn Woolsey, and other Socialist party members tried to play the sex card and exploit women by saying that they were ill-served in this current system. If they think that I and other strong women are as stupid as those within the Socialist party that ironically defend the likes of Bill Clinton, John Edwards, et al. then they’re bigger tools for the old, white patriarchy than I originally thought.

How dare these women sell out their own sex and presume to speak for all women. How dare these “feminists” devalue women as nothing more than victims so as to win support for a bill that invites the IRS and president-appointed medical board into their wombs and doctors’ exam rooms. My body my choice except when you want people to foot the bill for you, right? I believe Heidi Fleiss was arrested for no lesser action.

The Constitution and a 200-year-old understanding that a republic is governed by its people has been shredded with the passage of this bill. The Socialists are emboldened now; they will next come for our children under the guise of “education reform.” They will then come after our energy via cap-and-tax. They will continue to push and bust through every legal barrier we have of protecting our Founding Father’s intent until that shining city on a hill is a barren wasteland.

They have been crafting this plot for over 50 years.

We just woke up one year ago last month.

The future of our republic depends upon us making up lost time.

We lost this battle, not because we didn’t fight, not because we were silent, but because the Socialists in congress don’t care about us or our will.

This battle. There are many battles in a war. We have faced worse, patriots. We have, many times, faced what appeared to be unwinnable situations.

My grandfather served as a gunner aboard the USS Alabama in the Pacific theater during WWII. He spoke of how demoralized our country was after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and took out our entire Pacific fleet.

I thought about how God delivered the Israelites from Egypt.I thought about how this country rallied the dawn after 9-11 when I woke up and saw flags hanging from the ticky-tacky houses all up and down my street.I thought of how Great Britain, rallied by Winston Churchill, fought off the German invasion.Or how Ulysses S. Grant pressed on after his first lost.

How many men and women have shed blood for this country? How many patriots took to the streets to defend this country blessed by God? Don’t you dare give up, patriots. Don’t you dare make their sacrifices in vain because you’re afraid of battle. Take no prisoners, suffer no fools, never surrender.

What – you thought you get this land scott-free? Liberty is never fully paid off and to be deserving of it one must be willing to fight for it on the battlefield, in the halls of congress, by involving yourselves in your communities. Such a struggle is not a burden, it is a privilege.

How bad do you want liberty? I’ve received several emails from folks who’ve said that they’re ready to move, to leave the country, and give up. I received an email the other day from a woman named Melanie who confessed that she just “doesn’t have time to get involved.” During a conversation about precinct captains with a gentleman at a recent protest, I was told that the commitment “sounds like too much time.”

Get out of my country any freeloader who possesses such an attitude, you betrayers of conservatism, of liberty. How dare you claim the belief of self-sustenance and individualism while warming your hands by another patriot’s fire, living off the fat of another patriot’s blood, sweat, and tears. As I said on my radio program last week: any one who dares call themselves a patriot and refuses to commit to maintaining their country’s liberty can burn in hades with the socialists who’ve jeopardized our children’s futures.

If you cannot commit several hours per week to maintain the liberty that others afforded you then you by your inaction and silent voice abet those who seek to destroy it.

Read the rest. She is right and this is not provocative. More than anything, Sunday’s move by the Democrat-socialists proved just that. They are socialists. I witnessed the actions of a communist power-party and taken in, in that light, their actions are not surprising. Americans are waking up. We will be victorious.


pro patria said…

Conservatives stand on their own two feet, help themselves and others and solve their own problems, while liberals sit on their asses waiting for the government or somebody else to solve their problems. We have got to rid ourselves of this progressive/socialist infection that is spreading throughout our great nation.

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