An America That Will Rise Again

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA         

The congress of the United States is populated by a group of elitist power brokers that are frankly, at least IMO, out for two things. First doing everything possible to get reelected, and second to push the statist/socialist agenda deeper into the fabric of America.

It is the fervent  hope of all liberty minded people who love freedom and individualism, that the misfits currently wielding power over us fail in both. Congress (read democratic leadership), and the POTUS have been deeply intent on radically changing our countries direction.

 With the historic passage of  the flawed health insurance reform bill, known as ObamaCare, they have indeed succeeded in their misguided journey. Their hopes are to change America completely and forever into a Chavez or Castro style statist/socialist state. If I chose to be kind I might say they are only trying to remake America along the lines of socialist England or France. To do so would be incorrect.

Obama, as well as the democrats in congress are most concerned with keeping power. They believe that by pandering to, and encouraging  the belief government is the best solution to all the problems of life they enhance their chances of retaining power. They believe if you spin the benefits of dependency on government long enough, and give people as much as possible for as little cost to themselves as possible they will follow government to the slop trough.

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  1. Well said I would only add the disastrous health bill…it is really worse than flawed.

  2. I wrote a book where people have isolated the power seeking gene and target Congressmen who possess it for removal from office by more radical means than voting.

  3. lady di – I believe you may be right… it is worse than flawed. It likely won't happen, however we all need to support the effort to repeal in all possible ways.

  4. Spinsterpov – WOW… "By more radical means than voting."

    I shall not go there. The time for this implication has not yet arrived.


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