Al Gore Nobel Peace Prize – Star Trek Convention

by the Left Coast Rebel

May The Schwartz Be With You….

Err, uh, hmm…… actually, I know; I meant….. Live Long and Prosper….

At least that is what I thought when I saw this picture from

Looking again at this pic again –

I rephrase, it should be tajwIjoHbechorlIj jeqbogh Dochvetlhe’e

Which, translated in Klingon means:

That is not my dagger protruding from your midsection

Yes, the Nobel Peace Prize charade is utterly preposterous, case in point.

What is that in Klingon?


  1. "The planet has a fever! That sounds good. How many mushheads can I get to pay money for my new uber-expensive cars with that line?"

    Al could've collected the bounty if only he had reached over and smacked Bin Laden in the face.

  2. @ blackandgold – May you live long and prosper…

  3. At least Al made a movie and sold it, even if it was non-sense. obama has done less than nothing.

  4. The whole Nobel Peace Prize thing has gone from ridiculous to absurd in one fell swoop. [sigh] I feel like we're all living in Bizzare-o World (ala Simpsons).

  5. @ Right Guy – Agreed, what would 'less than nothing' be in Klingon?

    @ Sparky – It is like the Simpsons, remember the one where Homer ate the psychadellic chile and tripped out? That's what it reminds me of.


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