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Left Coast Rebel Mission Statement
I am a native Californian, business owner, investor and concerned citizen. I believe in the sanctity of the individual and am incensed by our country’s march to a quasi-European socialism. This socialism is the child of both Republicans and Democrats, accelerating under the current regime. I support libertarian causes. I support the concept of an individual retaining the vast majority of his earnings. I believe in freedom in every area of an individual’s life, as the Founders did. This is the essence of the pursuit of happiness, of capitalism. Coming to you as a citizen journalist, I will protect these things and fight against all that may squander them.

LCR 3 Pillars – Freedom, Abundance, Responsibilty

1. Freedom – The freedom to rise each day, each morning, knowing that one will retain the vast sum of one’s earnings. That the central planners of either party won’t confiscate earnings and property for schemes of a ‘Greater Good’, ‘Volunteerism’, ‘Fairness’, ‘Social-Equality’, ‘Carbon-Guilt’, ‘Redress or Redistribution’, ‘Social-Justice’. To know that the Constitution clearly enumerates that which the government cannot do to us, won’t be shredded daily, and that it is not ‘flexible’ or a ‘living-breathing’ document.

2. Abundancy – Flowing from the concept of freedom. The basic notion that an individual is sacred and once set free enables himself and the society at large by pursuing happiness. Through this pursuit he creates abundancy by unshackled entrepeneurial pursuits. Individual creativity, unchained dreams, liberty-induced limitless potential of the individual soul.

3. Responsibility – I know that I am not my neighbor’s keeper. And neither is he mine. There is no lease, levy or mortgage on my future, present or past. I am free to do as I choose under the constraints of the Rule of Law and the Constitution. I know full-well that when I fail, I do not look to the nanny-state do-gooders for a ‘bail-out’ or a check. Based on the Laws of Nature and economics, I know that subsidization of failure creates more failure; likewise with poverty, illiteracy, and lack of upward-mobility. I reject this subsidization for corporations, local and national governments, and the individual.

For Tom McClintock’s speech that compelled these 3 pillars click here. For my article on this concept click here.

Why I am a Rebel

Why I am a Rebel
Wikipedia – Left Coast is a political expression implying that the West Coast of the United States is politically left-wing. The implication is that the states of California, Oregon, and Washington (particularly, the coastal counties and cities within those states) vote more often for the Democratic Party than the other states in the Western United States. This phrase plays on the fact that the west coast of the US is found on the left of the contiguous 48 states when viewing a map with north oriented upwards.

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