Abercrombie and Fitch Killed Earnest Hemmingway

Liberals and Progressives love to obsess about studies concerning ”gun violence” with the subjective reasoning that guns are killers,that the public masses should not have access to firearms. Never mind that the Framers of our Constitution believed the right to bear arms came only 2nd to Freedom of Speech. I came across this little tidbit in my net trolling for some information on some Hemingway novels, being a huge fan. This is in relation to his suicide –

“Hemingway is believed to have purchased the Boss & Co. shotgun he used to commit suicide through Abercrombie & Fitch, which was then an elite excursion goods retailer and firearm supplier.” [1]

America Listen Up! We must protest Abercrombie for their blatant support of weapons of mass destruction, we must bring them to court. We must go after their advertisers and tell them that we will not stand for this. If their corporate greed hadn’t reigned supreme Hemingway would be alive today! Write your congressman!
1. Grauer, Neil A. “Remembering Papa.” Cigar Aficionado, July/August 1999.


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