2nd Video Showing Schoolchildren Praising Obama

by the Left Coast Rebel

This one not quite as shocking, another video has surfaced via Youtube of children singing to (then), newly elected Obama. Uploaded this month and filmed on November 4 2008, this isn’t quite as Orwellian, (consent of parents withstanding), it still seems overtly political and bizarre, (Yes We Can?), the children holding up posters of leftist activists, the child with the Obama shirt……this is still disturbing to me……and the rooster at the end???…….


The Right Guy said…

One, this is not exactly Lee Greenwood. Two, if you notice the pictures the kids hold, it's a who's who of marxo-pacifists if you can call them that. Three, I wonder what Dr. King would have thought of the pro-abortion Obama, and as an off topic, the racial extortionists like Sharpton and Jackson?

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Rightguy – Indeed it is not, Greenwood would incur a lawsuit to be sure. Dr. King would be ashamed of the poverty pimps that you mention here, all 3 of them.

Clifton B said…

This one isn't so Dear Leader-ish, but it does have that stale 1960's feel to it. For progressives, the left is pretty stuck in the past. The seem particularly stuck on race as though America is still in the civil rights era.

The Griper said…

have to say, myself, that wasn't too bad of a video. it was more of an incentive song rather than a political statement using Obama as a role model.
now, don't get me wrong, i don't think he makes a good role model for kids, but i sure can think of worse ones.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Clifton – You are right, not nearly as Dear Leader but still political, not sure it is appropriate….

@ Griper – Exactly, still not appropriate but not shocking either.

Ron Russell said…

Maybe just a new form of the Pledge. A pledge to the "Obama Nation" or better called an obamanation. I suspect more of this goes on than we are aware of. Many teachers love to advance their agendas. I can understand to a degree when I taught senior high history and government I often wove in my concepts and my thoughts about the government—complete objectivity is not possible on such a subjective topic and those who proclaim the objectivity are fools but the bigger fools are those who believe them.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Ron Russell – Great points and I agree that this probably goes on more than we would like to admit….

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