Hillary Clinton Fans Break Glass Ceiling for Being a Sore Loser

Hillary Clinton's candidacy proved to America that women have just as much right as men to aspire to the highest office in U.S. politics on a campaign of deceit and cynicism.

Her defeat is proving that women have just as much a right as men to be insufferably sore losers and grudge holders, and unable to gracefully exit the stage.

The Jimmy Fallon show piles on:

Here's another video with actual footage of Hillary Clinton's supporters nearly a year after learning she had lost the election:

Wes Messamore blogs at The Humble Libertarian


  1. I've got my own thank you note:
    Thank you Hillary, for fainting after the 9-11 memorial and lying about it, lying about your email and your server and proving to the public at large that you could never be trusted to be president. And thank you for ignoring Wisconsin. Even though the Democrats are begging you to go away, you stay right where you are and undermine the Democrat Party from within. America thanks you.

  2. Mike,

    Dude it's like she can't stop digging. Somebody in the DNC needs to take her shovel away if they ever want to win again!


    Lol I know right? Dear Leader. Dear sweet leader! Oh, the cult of personality and worship of these people as like divine figures or something is so sickening. Stop exalting mere men and women.

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