21 Reasons Liberals Should Oppose Gun Control

1. Prohibition didn't work for drugs, and it won't work for guns for the same reasons.

2. Just like the War on Drugs has racially unfair outcomes, it is likely that gun restrictions will also have racially unfair outcomes.

3. Liberals were just protesting institutionalized gun violence by police, and are now calling for the same government institutions to curtail the rest of our gun ownership.

4. Liberals were against the disproportionate response of creating a massive national security regime and police state in response to Islamic terrorism, because of the danger to individual liberty and violation of constitutional rule of law. Curtailing gun rights in response to domestic terrorism is no different.

5. Imagine a world in which Donald Trump, a Republican controlled congress, and an overwhelming majority of the state governments in the hands of the Republican Party have all the guns and the civilian populace is disarmed.

6. Liberals say the threat of an overreaching police state is a delusional fantasy, but our government has continued to violate rule of law and civil liberties despite the fact that our civilian population is well-armed. Imagine if we weren't.

7. Liberals say that is paranoid, but the last 100 years of human history show that you are far more likely to be shot by the guns in the hands of your own government than by the guns in the hands of individual criminals or foreign governments.

8. In fact, as the Black Lives Matter movement knows all too well, you are 8 times more likely in this country today to be shot and killed by a police officer than killed by a terrorist.

9. And throughout recent history (so recent, people are still alive today who lived through it) governments have committed terrible atrocities against legally disarmed civilians on a far more harrowing scale than any of America's mass shooters.

10. Liberals made a big show of their opposition to the very few, powerless, irrelevant, and eccentric people that are Neo-Nazis in America today, but when actual fascism marches forward, it isn't going to be obvious and wear a swastika. It's going to be a series of government responses to isolated crises, just like the Third Reich and other repressive regimes always gather and consolidate power.

11. When this happened in Germany during the Weimar period that incubated the Nazi Third Reich, the government instituted exactly what liberals are calling for today- mental fitness checks for people to own guns.

12. Unsurprisingly, it was the scapegoat minority of the fascist government, the Jews, that were found mentally unfit to own guns, and they were disarmed as the government hurtled toward the impending mass extermination of the Jews and other scapegoated groups.

13. In America today, liberals have already seen parallels in the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency, who has viciously attacked Latinos in this country as a minority scapegoat, and has continued the official policies of his predecessors in office (including Obama) of the institutionalized harassment, intimidation, and bullying of Latino immigrants to this country.

14. With a president that has already revived many liberals' fears of 20th century style fascism coming to America in the 21st century, how can they not see (pun intended) the folly of allowing him any leeway at all for the curtailment of the civilian population's right to keep and bear arms?

15. Clearly the idea of fascism wreaking havoc and the loss of human liberty and life on a mass scale is not only a conservative delusional fantasy, but a shared apprehension across partisan lines, and important to keep in mind after so many examples of atrocities last century.

16. The idea that it couldn't happen here because it hasn't before does not take into account the fact that the Washington regime, while it has not murdered Americans en masse in the last hundred years, has callously murdered millions of civilians in other countries in recent times, with no regard for innocent human life and no remorse or apology for the deaths of millions of civilians who were deliberately targeted and killed in North Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq.

17. And the fact that this hasn't happened here, for all we know, may be due to the fact of a well-armed civilian population, which we have never not had in this country, so fundamentally altering the balance of power in our society by chipping away at gun rights may lead us on a path that we will wish we had avoided.

18. Because gun control doesn't eliminate guns, it only eliminates it from a certain class of people. The government will keep its guns, and the government his killed more innocent people with its guns than any terrorist.

19. And the government has already shown a lack of regard for human lives in America in the last century, as in the Tuskegee experiments, or the internment of innocent Japanese civilians in camps during World War II on the basis of nationality, for no crime, without due process.

20. Liberals should be wary too, of allowing the government to define mental illness, a power which the majority could use to oppress a marginalized group, and deny them their right to have guns to protect themselves as well as many other rights on the basis of their "mental illness." An official category of mentally ill people might expand to include all kinds of people who aren't, and it will be an easy way to dismiss and marginalize minority groups.

21. Guns also create gender equality that was unprecedented in the era before guns. One aspect of the sexual dimorphism in the human species is the significantly greater upper body strength and bigger size of an overwhelming majority of males when compared to an overwhelming majority of females of the species. This puts women at an inherent physical disadvantage and makes them inherently vulnerable to men who are willing to take advantage of this strength and size disparity to abuse women. Knowing any given woman may be carrying a gun, helps to neutralize this gender inequality.

Wesley Messamore has been writing in favor
of more freedom and less government
since 2008 at The Humble Libertarian.

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