Customer service and other lessons

By Dean L

A lot of people assume conservatives are anti-people and would automatically side with United Airlines in the case of the man forcefully dragged off the plane because they oversold their seating capacity.  That's simply not true of true conservatives.  We are pro human rights and pro free-market.  And the free market has correctly assessed the video below as abhorrent and unacceptable.  [see more commentary below]

Furthermore, how United has handled the situation both the process before the incident which caused these conditions and afterwards with a practical endorsement of these actions and subsequent forced apology, have shone a light on where the opportunity exists in this situation.  United Airlines has an image of terrible customer service (not confined to this incident alone).  There is an opportunity for another airline, new or existing to step in and fill the void of quality customer service in air travel.  United Airlines will feel the consequences of this, as it is a situation where a boycott might just be justified.  Air travel requirements however, do not disappear.  Travellers will still need transport. A smart company will see the opportunity and respond by improving their own customer service to be demonstrably different - not from United, but from all other carriers who haven't done this.  An airline that does this in a noticeable way will be rewarded with more customers.

That's the free market doing it's job - producers and consumers, supply and demand, reacting to a market condition and improving an industry in the process.  For you millennials out there - if this were a socialist state and there was only one government-run airline, there would be no need to for the sole producer to respond because there are no alternatives.  That is because monopolies are bad for the market and the government, in a socialist state, is for all intents and purposes, a monopoly.  

Think about that when you consider how good or bad your schooling is in a public school.  Think about that when you think about single payer health care.  All monopolies are subject to stagnation or worse, decline.


  1. I'm surprised that anyone would see this as a left/right conflict. Liberals and conservatives both fly the "friendly skies" and if offended, can cost United a lot of business. If there's a conservative bias it would be towards United's bottom line.
    Regardless of the manner in how the police handled dragging a man from a plane he said he would have to be dragged from, United was at fault for choosing to inconvenience four passengers for the sake of deadheading four employees to their next location.
    They could have hired a stretch limo for the two hour ride for a lot less than this marketing nightmare is going to cost them, and that's just in legal fees!

    1. The left sees everything as a left/right issue. I thought it would be worth pointing out that conservatives do not automatically side with the 'evil corporate overlords' and that a conservative way of looking at it that sides with the aggrieved is not unfathomable.

      I totally agree that United had better ways to deal with the issue than how they did and they belatedly seem to be arriving at that same conclusion.


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